Ornamental Trees for Landscaping

Trees of all shapes and sizes add personality and beauty to your lawn. Choose a unique variety that offers both shade and ornamental growth.

Plant a tree that not only provides cover and foliage, but also character. Planting a tree for ornamental purposes doesn’t mean a delicate dwarf variety — beautiful full-sized and hardwood selections offer everything from delicate blossoms and fruit to stunning fall foliage.


Beginning life as a delicate ornamental, this beautiful tree can mature into a large, sturdy fixture in your yard, with widespread branches and thick foliage. Its brilliant purple blossoms (the buds often compared to tiny purple bananas because of their shape) give way to large green heart-shaped leaves during the summer and fall months.


Always a favorite with tree lovers, whether a miniature ornamental or sturdy selection, the maple matures into a large shade tree whose stunning fall foliage sweeps you away to New England autumns. Rich reds and brilliant orange tones take the place of soft pale green leaves beginning in mid-fall for most regions.

Lombardy Poplars

Although not a perfect selection for windy regions (and in need of a little tender loving pruning on occasion), these slim, graceful trees are a favorite for lining pathways, driveways, fence lines or boundaries. Pale bark and pale green leaves with a shimmery tint, the poplar’s limbs grow upwards, forming a slim, symmetrical line that pleases the eye.

Plum Trees

The full-sized plum tree, especially the wild varieties, provides shade in the summer along with miniature red and purple plums that are sweet in flavor. Its tiny clumps of white flowers draw butterflies and bees in early spring, before giving way to thick green foliage over the summer months.

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