Ornamental Plants That Bear Flowers All-year Round

Five ornamental plants that are ideal for your garden because aside from flowering all-year round, they need very little water.

Are you fond of gardening? Some flowering plants bear flowers occasionally and some annually. Here are some ideal plants that best for your garden because they bear flowers all year round.

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive. I have chosen these plants because they don’t need much water, no chemical fertilizer and more importantly – no insecticides needed.


These plants bear flower all-year round. The flowers of euphorbia could last up to 3-4 months. There are a hundred of different varieties of this plant. Some variety has flower that change color as the flower grow mature like the one in the picture. Theses plants need not to be watered regularly. You can water them every other week.

Yellow Bell

Allamanda, also known as Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup Flower, is a genus of tropical shrubs or vines with hairy seeds. Once they started bearing flower they never stop flowering. This plant doesn’t need frequent watering also.

White Angels

I love the flowers of this plant. It’s so pure. It is really white. They’re really cute. Well, they won’t be called angels if they aren’t.

Kalatsutsi or Frangipani

Kalatsutsi is a tropical deciduous shrub or tree of the genus Plumeria having milky sap and showy fragrant funnel-shaped flowers. They need minimal water too. The picture below is a dwarf variety.


This type of ornamental plants also comes in various varieties. The picture below is a dwarf variety. Once they have established their roots they only need minimal amount of water. They come in different colors also.

All the pictures above were taken from the author’s garden.

Have fun in gardening, enjoy the beauty of these plants and at the same time contribute in the “Clean & Green” project for Mother Nature and likewise help conserve water supply while enjoying your hobby.

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  1. the white angels and the yellow bells are my favorite :) I think I’m going to get my dad to buy some ;) great article the flowers are lovely!

  2. Beautiful flowers.

  3. Lovely photos, the flowers are just beautiful!

  4. Very impressive!

  5. Nice garden! My favourite is the Frangipani.

  6. Beautiful, vibrant flowers. Very pleasing to the eye.

  7. Your buttercup flower is much more exotic than the one we have growing wild. These are all so beautiful. Unfortunately I do not have a green thumb but I admire those who do.

  8. ffghgk

  9. I loved this article! I too am a gardener, and fanatical about having plants that will flower or at least still be living the next time I look at them. Thanks for the legwork!

  10. Kalatsutsi or Frangipani is different one. what u have shown must have a name. And that what u have said about its feature is right. Kalatsutsi or Frangipani will look different.

  11. The picture shown as Kalatsutsi or Frangipani is not true.
    Its belongs to the genus Adenium.

  12. ****Strange names u’ve given each of the plants u listed. I’m a landscaper in USA (South Florida- Zone 10B) and we call Santan = Ixora, and we call Kalatsutsi = Desert Rose, and we call White Angel = ? (Don’t know this item?? Is it jasmine or wrightia??), and we call Yellow Bell = Allamanda (yellow Bell = Tecoma stans in USA), and lastly we call Euphorbia = Crown Of Thorns.

    ****I would add (20) more items:
    1) Plumbago, 2) Bougainvillea ‘Imperial Delight’, 3) Jatropha Compacta, 4) Oleander, 5) Cane Begonia ‘angelwing’, 6) Angel Trumphet, 7) Tibouchina, 8) powderpuff ‘nana’, 9) Plumeria Pudica, 10) Dwarf Musseanda, 11) Wrightia, 12) Chenille Plant, 13) Potatoe Tree, 14) Maroon Jacaranda, 15) King’s Mantle, 16) Turnera Subulata, 17) Firebush, 18) Orange Geiger, 19) White Geiger, 20) Yellow Geiger……to name a few….all of these bloom either continuously or else almost all year.
    Great online flowering plants site: http://toptropicals.com/

  13. would the santan, white angels, yellow bells and euphoria be good in the charlotte nc area?

  14. very nicely explained i want to develop my resort according to your advice. i want my resort should remain flowery around the year with same flowers. so please email me the professional way of connecting with you
    vijay verma

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