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Ever wanted to make real money online. Do you have a green thumb? Even if you don’t, you can make money. Here’s How!

In this day and age of computers, scams, and get rich quick schemes, it’s nice to find a real opportunity to make some money on-line. Now I’m not claiming that you’ll get rich or famous or even be able to support yourself on this income. I’m just saying that it does exist and that if a person works hard at it, you will make “some” money. I make no claims here.

My story started out one day on the internet looking for a specific tomato variety. I had grown that variety long ago and wanted it again. I found it through several sources, though it was really expensive as seeds go. Many websites were asking as much as $4.95 for a packet of 30 seeds. I thought that was ridiculous. Now if you’ve ever grown tomatoes or even eaten one, you’ll know how many little seeds there are in one tomato. Please don’t start counting. Just trust me, there’s plenty. Well, I decided to look for tomato seeds in bulk. That way, I could have my seed and sell the rest. I though if other websites were selling these little jewels for $4.95; I could easily sell my extras for $2.oo per pack.

Well, now you get the picture. I ordered a quarter of an ounce of seed and wha-la, I was in business. I think I spent about $16.00 for the seed and postage. When I opened my quarter of an ounce seed pack, to my surprise there was about 2000 seeds. My only problem was where to get the seed packs. So, I jumped in the car and went to my local office supply. They had little yellow envelopes just the right size for my seeds. I bought 500 for about $20.00. Now that’s a very small investment makes when you add up the proceeds. I had enough seeds for about 65 packs of seed so 65packsX$2.00@=$130.00. I ended up with about $94.00 profit. It gets better.

After you sell your first batch of seeds, you still have about 435 little yellow envelopes. You can order more seed and make even more money since you have already paid for your envelopes. You ask where do I sell seeds though. Well, I sold them on an auction website that I won’t name. But you probably have heard of. I charged my customers 50 cents postage so I wouldn’t have to pay for the stamps. I received my payments through pay-pal.

I’ve made enough money from this little venture to start my own Garden Marketplace Auction. The auction is in its infancy, but with care it will grow just like my tomatoes did.

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  1. What about the laws in different states regarding sales of seeds? I know Mississippi has laws covering this area.

  2. When I was a teenager that I sold seeds for a company that was called”American”, something and I sold many seeds for that company.

  3. I was wondering about the laws, too. Plus, doesn’t ebay have rules governing the sell of seeds? I think it’s a wonderful idea, but I’d like to find a way to register my seeds within the law in my state [Texas] to be sure it is legal.

    Also, selling for a seed company like The American Seed Company or Burpee would be good, if it is realistic. Park Seeds has an affiliate program if you’ve got a website.

    My plan is to start a micro farm [a farm on 5 acres or less], but there are 10,000 new farms a year being started and that’s a lot of competition, so my plan is being adjusted to supply those farms with seeds and plants.

  4. sounds like a great idea. Whats the best way to ship the seeds?

  5. I tried selling seeds believe me it’s def not worth the time…

  6. I am dealing in different kind of plant seed both temperate and sub tropical and want to sell these in the market .Plz help me how can I register with your firm.

  7. i would love to do that, isnt it there is requirement knowledge to do that, is there any body to show me how to register as a seller seeds and etc….

  8. you’ll be selling crossed seeds if you grow more then 1 type also seeds from f1 hybrids can not be saved they won’t make the same tomato. there’s a lot you don’t know and I hate this was even posted because good seeds are hard to find as is and now your going to have everyone crossing all types of seeds and the end result is nobody will have the seeds they wanted just a bunch of mut plants will be produced. before you find your self in court over a farmers lost crops or if you sold him a pack of seed x and it didn’t produce plant x please think twice. stay away from this idea folks there are way too many government rules and it would realy suck to make 50 bucks then have to pay out 5000?


  10. Hello, I’m in China,want to buy good quality cedrus deodara seeds with a large quantity. Can you export the seeds to China ? Let’s discuss this business if you can. Plz reply to my


    Best regards / Tomy Zhang

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