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When you plant your vegetable garden, add a few extra plants…

     When you plant your vegetable garden, add a few extra plants. Not only will you have enough fresh produce for your family, you will have extra that can be sold.

Here in Massachusetts, you are allowed to sell what you grow from your property without all the red tape associated with a business. This falls under the old farming laws.

You won’t get rich, but you will make a few extra dollars that will offset your cost for seed, plants, soil amendments, fertilizer, and tools. Your friends and neighbors don’t mind throwing you a few dollars for fresh produce.

Buy Local                                                   

“Buy Local” has become the farmer’s slogan for greening up America. By buying local, you save transportation costs. This should get you fresher product at better prices.  In reality, I’ve found that local farmers are commanding “organically grown” prices found in super markets. Remember that they sell to super markets at a fraction of what they charge us at their stands.

As a very tiny producer, I hope I’m offering a win-win solution for my customers. Whatever gets harvested for a day is placed in colorful baskets on a table in front of my fence. Each basket is clearly marked with a sign like “Tomatoes – 2 for $1.00″ alleviating the need for scales. I supply grocery bags and a cash box on my fence. My customers get the freshest at the best prices. Tomatoes go for $1.99 -$3.49 per pound at the super market. One large tomato can weigh in at more than a pound!

My customers get to talk to me about gardening and how things have been grown. They also get first-hand knowledge about seasonal production. It’s all part of “locally grown.”

Whatever is left at the end of the day I donate to the local food banks and kitchens. They help me out when I need it so this is my way of giving back.

If you garden on a larger scale, It may be worth your while to sell at your local Farmer’s Markets. Most of them set pricing guidelines so that under-selling doesn’t occur. The quality and uniqueness of your  produce will do the selling for you.

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