Keep the Squirrels Off the Bird Feeder

Here is a fool-proof way to keep the squirrels off your bird feeder.

  1. Position your bird feeder at least 10 feet from branches or a fence to keep squirrels from jumping onto it.
  2. Hang your bird feeder from a wire or pole stretched between two poles or trees.
  3. Use a squirrel guard: before you fasten your tray feeder to a person height metal pole, slide a metal cone, 18″ in diameter, midway on the pole facing downward.

The Predator Slide

  1. Before you fasten your feeder to a pole, slip on a piece of PVC overlay pipe 18″ in length. The inside of the pipe should be at least one inch larger than the pole to fit properly.
  2. Fasten a screw eye at the top edge of the pipe.
  3. Attach a pulley to a nearby tree or another pole that is the same height as the feeder pole.
  4. Run wire or monofilament through the screw eye and pulley. The wire should be long enough to allow the overlay pipe to slide down the pole to the ground.
  5. Attach the wire to a counterweight that weighs 1 to 2 ounces more than the overlay pipe.
  6. When the squirrel reaches the overlay pipe, its weight will cause the pipe to slide down toward the ground. When the squirrel jumps off the pipe, the counterweight will pull the overlay pipe back into position on the pole.
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  1. We do not have squirrels here and this seems strange. I suppose this would work for cats too.

  2. One day when I have a cabin in the woods, this will a useful article for me…in the meantime, I’m sure it is very helpful to many other people! Nice work!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. Thanks ladies, Lucy, I thought everybody had squirrels.
    Lianne, I live in an apartment but squirrls still visit my deck. I did have a bird feeder but the birds wouldn’t come near, so now it all belongs to the squirrels.

  4. I don’t see any squirrels in my neighborhood, but if I did, I would by a bird feeder just for them and give them what they like.

  5. We managed to squirrel proof our bird feeders, but the starlings they are the real problems. Do you have them there as well? what do you do with them?

  6. No, we don’t have starlings, not a lot of them anyway. I hear they are real pests. I’ll see if I can find a solution. Thanks to you all for stopping by. Best wishes, Ruby

  7. What great entertainment the Predator Slide will be. I am looking forward to building it, and trying it out this weekend. We have one squirrel now that will pretty much clean off the feeder if allowed to. He will stay on there 10-15 minutes at a time. Because of him, we go through bird food pretty fast. I have tried numerous tricks, but am very excited about trying the Predator Slide. Thanks!

  8. My mom bought something just like this that was sold as a commercial product when I was a kid. It was absolutely hilarious – the faster the squirrel ran at it, the faster it would come shooting back down. Has anyone seen it as a commercial product recently? Thanks!

  9. had an old set of walky-talkies. put one on the window sill close to the feeder. when the squirrels got to the feeder simply pressed the “call” button on the one in the house and the one near the feeder makes a loud squaking noise. it worked for a while till the squirrels got wise and started calling me back to order more bird feed.

  10. Hey there awesome post,

    I personally have a huge problem with all the squirrels that constantly get into my bird feeders and knock it over!!!

    I plan to use the squirrel guard you recommended above and your technique including: before you fasten your tray feeder to a person height metal pole midway on the pole facing downward.

    Thanks and I plan on utilizing this tip!

    Well again great post.


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