Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

10 tips to keep rabbits out of your garden.

A rabbit can devastate a garden in no time flat. Within a few hours a cute fuzzy bunny will eat all of the hard work a gardener has done, leaving nothing but stumps where beautiful plants used to stand.

The other day a rabbit got into my garden. Within a few hours, he ate 6 broccoli plants, and then ate some of the lettuce, cabbage and collards I had planted. I think I can save the collards and cabbage, but the broccoli was gone! I did not plant a fence, I was bad in that aspect. It is recommended that you boarder your garden with chicken wire at least 6 inches in the ground to keep the rabbits out. My fault for not following well established advice.

I did however, have wolf urine all over my garden. I figure this was enough to scare anybody. Especially since it made my garden smell like a kennel! Even my children wouldn’t go to my garden because it smelled. But I guess my rabbit friend took a risk management course. He then figured out the return on investment and the operational risk management and assessed that even if a wolf were present, it was worth the broccoli.

I did not put up a fence; I did take other actions that gardeners use to keep rabbits out. Below is a list of tips and some of the actions I have taken it scaring Mr. Bunny:

  1. Plant marigolds with your greens.  Rabbits don’t like the smell. I don’t know if this actually works, put I didn’t take the chance.
  2. Plant Squash with your greens. The “Foxfire books” said this makes rabbits sleepy. I don’t know if this works either, but it’s easy enough to try.
  3. Fox Urine. I place fox urine around with the wolf urine and this seems to be working
  4. Moth Balls. Crush mothballs and place around the parameter of your garden. I did this along with other methods for success. Who does like the smell of moth balls?
  5. Soak corn cobs in vinegar and place around the garden- this works good but it requires you to re-soak every few days
  6. Fake snakes. I have a bunch of fake snakes I place in the garden, whenever I water the garden I move them around. Snakes should be big and black or gray to imitate large black snakes.
  7. Pinwheels. Those cheap tin foil pinwheels work great to scare rabbits. They are bunny eye level, shinny metal and they move with the wind. Bunnies hate them.
  8. Human Hair. Place human hair through out your garden will give it a human smell and hopefully chase the rabbits away. Human hair is easily accessible from your barber and can be mulched right in the soil.
  9. Old Shoes. This is an old farmer trick to place the nastiest smelliest shoe you have in your garden. The human smell will scare him.
  10. Bottle Mobiles. I like to take old glass soda bottles and make a mobile with them and place them low to the ground. The clanging sound will scare rabbits (and deer) off.

It is important to remember that any distracters that deal with smell have to be readdressed whenever it rains. Rabbits will visit your garden while it is raining or right after the rain.

Hopefully your rabbits did not attend the same risk management class that my rabbits attended. These rabbits are crafty and they take notes!

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  1. These tips seem to be good ones,I have had the same problem now I know what to try! Thanks!

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