Kalina Red, No Longer Bitter

New sorts of kalina.

Kalina red, no longer bitter
Many people know this ornamental shrub. It grows on the banks of rivers, lakes, swamps, on the fringes of mixed and deciduous forests in the European part of Russia. Viburnum Blossoms in May and June. Bright red bitter fruits ripen in August and September.
Today, it removed Viburnum varieties with larger fruits than the wild forms, and less bitter taste – Autumn gift burial rubies, Sverdlovsk and others.
The crops this shrub nearly everywhere except the Far North. Kalina propagated by seeds, cuttings and division of the bush. Seeds are sown in autumn or spring to a depth of 3-4 cm Cuttings harvest in early July from the shoots of the current year, each with two inter-nodes. Nizhny make an oblique cut and remove the leaves, upper leaves are shortened by half. Cuttings put in 16-24 hours in a solution of sodium humate (100 mg per 1 liter), then rinsed and put in a greenhouse. Entrenched cuttings left in the same place until next year (without cover). In the spring they are transplanted to a permanent seat, put into groung root collar at 5-7 cm, abundantly watered and Rotary humus. 2-3 years to fruit bushes. Kalina – moisture and requires high light plant. Caring for her is simple. Need for timely action to cut dry and broken branches, and once in 7 years, thin out crown. Runners should not be shortened. Each spring the soil around the bushes dug up and make organic fertilizer.
Curative properties of Viburnum have long been known. In modern medicine for therapeutic purposes bark and fruit. The bark contains resin, saponins, coumarins, various acids. Extract and decoction of bark used as a styptic. The broth is used as a sedative in epilepsy and neurosis (2 tablespoons per 200 ml of water). Take for 1 / 2 cup 2 times a day.
Tincture of the fruit – vitamins, tonic, diaphoretic and laxative. In traditional medicine the fruits of Viburnum rubbed with sugar or prepare them jam (preferably with honey) and drink when you cough, sore throat, jaundice, diathesis. Brewed tea made from dried fruit (1 tablespoon to a glass of boiled water).
Fruit is better to dry immediately in an oven at 60 80oC, preventing scorching. After drying, they are separated from the peduncle. Bark harvest on the generally accepted rule, podvyalivayut in the air and dried at 50-60C. Shelf life of raw materials – about 4 years.
Kalina is also widely used in decorative gardening.

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