It’s Not Too Late to Plant a Second Crop of Green Beans

Successive planting Green beans is a great way to extend the gardening season and your good eating.

Your row of green beans has probably come and gone in your garden this year. However, you can probably still plant a second crop. The advantage of this besides the obvious of getting more beans, is that the pests are pretty much gone by the time they are ready to pick.

I live in southwest Ohio in Zone 6. You will have to do some research on-line or in the Farmer’s Almanac to find out the average first frost date in your area. Or go call your grandmother. She will probably know. Once you have that, count backward, the number of days it takes to get a crop of beans and make sure you give yourself enough time. We planted mid-August last year and got a really, really nice and tasty crop of bush beans.

If a frost comes early, you either have to be willing to cover them up a night or two or just give them up. I decided to fight, so I covered and uncovered a night or two and had another two weeks of beans until the next frost which was a hard, freeze. By that time I had all the beans off. I had to tell all my neighbors and friends to come help themselves at that point because we were up against time.

Green beans are so good for you. Eat them every day when you have them. Make big old pots of them, have them in the Crock-Pot every day. Put leftovers in plastic bags and into the freezer. If you have the ability and the resources, can them. Within a day or two, you’ll start to feel the advantage of all that natural eating and fiber in your “regularity,” so to speak. A perfect dinner for me is a large serving of green beans, an ear of garden corn and a corn meal muffin. Don’t you just love summer?!

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