I Need to Rescue My Palms!

As very heavy snow storms hit my home tonight the only thing on my mind at the time where my palm trees!


According to my local weather reports tonight we had a slight risk of a light snow shower, well surprise surprise they got it very wrong and we had heavy snow fall for four hours! 2 feet of snow landed in the first hour and the rest followed with determination, and now suddenly they tell us that there’s a lot more on the way!

Any sane person would have thoughts of leaving the car at home or have we enough supplies, well not me, the first thing that sprung into my rather crazy mind was “oh lord my palm trees are getting flattened and chilled by this heavy snow”!

So without hesitation and donning my rather warm dressing gown and wellington boots i made pace into my garden armed with a sweeping broom, i shook all of my beloved palm plants and tender shrubs with the broom to shake the snow off them, snow can be a nightmare for tender plants, the weight of the snow can crush a plant to extinction and the chill of the snow pressing against a plants foliage can seriously scorch leaves or even kill a plant totally!

Heaven knows what the neighbours where thinking at the time and i did attract a bit of an audience, but a job needed doing and i wouldn’t have slept easy in my bed knowing my poor plants where fighting the odds! so next time you have snow and lots of it and you witness one of your fellow neighbours “Thai boxing” a palm tree, just remember me and think, well he/she probably hasn’t lost their marbles, they are most likely just a very over protective gardener like me :)


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  1. hope your palm trees will survive the weather.. Thanks for the post.. Great!

  2. I hope yours have survived because we lost ours this year after it flowered for the first time. Now it is just hanging all yellow and droopy. I doubt if it will come back to life.


  3. They are so beautiful, I hope you manage to save them this winter.

  4. wow they are beautiful,your palms.
    I too hope all goes well. :)




  6. Ur palms are beauuutiful (pun intended).LOL. I hope u can save them :|

  7. probably you should cover them…

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