How to Peel a Banana The Easy Way

It’s insane how many people don’t this simple trick on how to peel a banana. We need to take a step back in the chain of evolution to facilitate this task.

Ever since I was a child, I had problems peeling bananas. It seems like an easy task for most people to accomplish, but I can show you a way that is even speedier. This way requires no more than being able to pinch your fingers together, and it’s the way monkeys have been opening bananas for as long as they’ve been eating them.

The first step is to switch ends of the banana. Most people open bananas by the stem, which is the slower and harder way to do it. Turn the banana around so the end opposite of the stem is in front of you. 

Second, while holding the banana upside down in one hand, take your pointer finger and thumb of your other hand and softly pinch the tip of the banana. The tip should split, allowing for a perfect peel every time.

It’s amazing how many people don’t know this trick, and I hope I helped facilitate your banana peeling adventures. Thanks for reading!

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