How to Kill Ants in the Garden

A common problem one faces in the garden is ant invasion.

Though they don’t cause any damage to the garden or trees, it is not a clean sight to see them crawl around in the garden and get on our legs when we walk around. Generally, we get red ants in the garden which bite us like hell if they get on our legs. So the best thing to do is to get rid of them.

Though we can use any method to kill ants in the house, you can not follow the same methods in garden too. In the house we use powders or pesticides to kill the ants. You should not use the same powders and sprays in the garden. This is because the chemical substances present in these powders and sprays cause damage some types of plants.

There are some other methods which you can use to kill ants without getting the plants damaged. Some of the ways of killing ants in the garden are

  • Soak tobacco in water and keep it overnight. Throw away the tobacco and pour this liquid at the place where you see ants. This liquid kills ants immediately.
  • In a spray bottle, fill some concentrated soap water. Spray this solution on ants or at any place where you suspect ants coming. It kills the ants instantly. You can just sweep off the dead ants later.
  • Mix a table spoon of boric acid to a cup of sugar and spray in in the places where you see ants. Ants are naturally attracted to sugar and they get killed by eating the sugar because of the boric acid powder. This can be considered as the effective way of killing ants as the ants don’t die instantly and they carry the sugar to their places. There other ants too eat them resulting in effective destruction of ants.
  • Using turmeric powder is the most natural way of killing the ants. Put some turmeric powder at the hole where you think the ants stay and come out from. You can be assured of getting rid of them. You can locate the hole by following their trail.
  • You can also spray a liquid of vinegar mixed in water on ants. It kills ants effectively. Keep in mind while mixing that vinegar should be in higher proportions. You can spray the liquid using a spraying bottle.

You can try any of the above methods to get rid of ants in the garden. They are very safe methods to follow as they don’t cause any damage to the plants in the garden. Besides this all the ingredients needed for these methods are available at your home itself. So, any method is not a difficult one to try.

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