How to Keep The Birds Away From Your Cherry Trees

When looking forward to an abundant crop of cherries, you do not want to share them with the birds. There are a few inexpensive methods to save your cherry crop.

How To Keep The Birds Away From Your Cherry Trees

With the onset of the growing season following the ample snowfall during the winter and a mild spring you may be lucky enough to have an abundant cherry crop. The beautiful buds turn into cherries that will soon be bright red, and ready to eat. Cherry trees make a pretty and shady addition to your lawn even after the fruit is gone.

Fruit trees are noted for drawing pests that like to enjoy the fruit as much as you do. The biggest robber of your cherry crop is the birds. The cat birds, black birds and starlings seem to know when the cherries are at their peak of ripeness and they will quickly strip your tree of the fruit you were planning to put into a pie.

The best, yet most expensive method for keeping the birds away from your fruit is tree netting or a tree tent which can be purchased at your local garden center.

The most popular method is to put plastic owls in and near the tree. Rubber snakes, scarecrows, reflective tape and wind chimes are also methods used to discourage the birds from robbing your crop. Another method is to punch a hole in aluminum pie tins, using string or fishing line to tie the tins to your tree branches. It works best by attaching two of the pie tins close enough together for them to bang to together with a slight breeze.

With the plastic Owl or other scary fake animal, reflective items and things that make noise when the wind blows, most birds will discouraged from getting too close to your trees.

Watch your trees closely, the birds know when the fruit is ripe. When you begin to notice that your scare tactics are no longer working, it may be time to get out the ladder and start picking those delicious cherries.

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  1. Here in our country, we scare crows and other birds by keeping a scarecrow when constructing a new building or growing paddy in paddy fields. This idea of keeping a plastic owl is very similar to that. Thnx for the share.

  2. Good ideas. It would be a shame to lose all that lovely fruit to the birds.


  3. Good ideas!

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