How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms

This describes the steps required to grow your own mushrooms. It tells how to raise them on both a nutrient substrate or rotting logs.

How to grow mushrooms at home:

Kennet Square, Pennsylvania bills itself as the Mushroom Capital of the world, this may be true but there isn’t any reason that you can’t grow mushrooms in your home. Most of the mushroom stays underground as mycelia which are really the roots of the mushroom plant. The soft cap and stems that we eat is only the fruiting body of the whole plant. There really isn’t much mystery in raising these delicacies at home and not having to pay the high prices that are charged in the supermarket or gourmet shop. Mushrooms are a gourmet item that is used for the most part as dressing for the main course.

Raising mushrooms at home does require some perseverance and patience. In a house the best place to raise mushrooms is in the basement. I’ll load during warm weather you can raise them outside in your garage or shady place in your yard. Raising mushrooms outdoors is often done by placing the kit inside of a Styrofoam cooler. This is because that under normal conditions it is dark, warm and moist. These are ideal conditions for raising mushrooms. They can be raised in a wooden box with the proper nutrients added to the box.

For most of the simple mushrooms the proper nutrient can be made out of pasteurized horse manure or compost. Manure and compost can be pasteurized by raising its temperature to between 140°F and 160°F, preferably done over an outdoor fireplace because it does not exactly have the aroma of roses.

Some mushrooms are raised on a rotting log. This is just another source of nutrient but it takes longer for the mushrooms to mature. The mushrooms raised on logs are different varieties then those that are raised in the pasteurized nutrient substrate

And Mushrooms grow best in the dark where the temperature is from 60 to 80°F. A good place to raise them is somewhere near your furnace. The boxes of nutrients are placed upon a bench and are kept damp by sprinkling them occasionally with water. It is possible to buy commercially prepared mushroom spawn that you just add to the box of nutrients.

There are also many complete kits available on the market of the mycelia is already mixed with a nutrient substrate and simple instructions for raising mushrooms. These kids are much easier to use by an amateur, but it is more fun to start from scratch.

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