How to Grow Your Own Goji Berries

Have you discovered the amazing health benefits of the goji berry? Why not grow your own?

More and more people are discovering the sweet taste and natural health benefits of the goji berry. Not only is it reported to have cancer inhibitory properties, it’s also thought to have positive effects on cholesterol and may lower blood sugar levels. If you want to harness the benefits of this powerful little berry, you can buy it at some health food stores and herbal shops. Even better, why not grow your own goji berries?

If you want to grow your own goji berries, start by placing them into a germinating tray. Add water and allow them to undergo the germination process. You should start to see root formation if germination is successful which usually takes about a week. At this point, you can prepare your soil for planting the germinated berries. Use regular, alkaline soil to which you’ve added some organic matter. Be sure to avoid the use of fertilizer when growing goji berries.

To plant your germinated goji berries, use starter pots to hold your prepared soil. Place the germinated berries at a depth of around a half to three quarters of an inch beneath the soil surface. You’ll want to water your soil when it becomes dry, but don’t go overboard. Make sure your pot has good drainage and simply add more water when the soil starts to dry out. Avoid saturating your pots with water.

You should start to see tiny leaves appear at around twelve days. Allow your goji plants to continue to grow until they outgrow their pot. You can then transfer them to a larger pot. Be sure to use a pot that has good drainage to prevent buildup of excess water.

You’ll want to expose your growing goji plants to as much sunlight as possible. These plants love direct sunlight and this can have a positive impact on how many berries they produce. They will need at least eight hours of sunlight per day. If this isn’t possible, you may want to invest in a full spectrum light to make sure they’re getting the rays they need for optimal growth.

Unfortunately, it may take several years to get plants of sufficient size to produce an adequate quantity of berries but the wait will be worth it when you have your own source for goji berries you’ve grown and nurtured yourself. If you want to further propagate your goji plant, you can clip off cuttings and plant them to grow more goji berries once your plant is of sufficient size.

Growing your own goji berries can be a satisfying experience and can give you a strong sense of self sufficiency. Plus, you’ll be saving money and future trips to the health food store.

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