How to Grow Pomegranates

Pomegranate is a delicious tasting and healthy fruit with a variety of benefits. Why not try growing them at home?

It seems as if there’s more positive news each week about the health benefits of the pomegranate fruit. If you’re a gardener and would like to have your own supply of pomegranate, you can grow this healthy and delicious plant in your yard. Not only can you enjoy the health benefits of the magnificent pomegranate fruit, you can use it to add visual interest to fruit bowls. Its flaming red color makes it an eye catching addition to any fruit assortment. Here’s how to grow pomegranate in your own backyard:

Choose An Area For Planting

Pomegranate plants thrive in sunny, warm areas. Although they will still grow in partial shade for best results choose a sunny area for planting. These plants are rather hardy and can survive colder temperatures although the risk of plant damage increases when temperatures drop below freezing. These plants can add a pleasing note of color to your yard or garden.

Purchase Your Pomegranate Plants

You can purchase pomegranate cuttings from your local nursery which is the recommended way of starting your pomegranate plant. Choose cuttings around fifteen inches in length and plant them in standard soil after treating the cuttings with rooting hormone. It will take about three years before your pomegranate plants will yield fruit.

Take Care of your Pomegranate Plants

Water your new pomegranate plants thoroughly upon planting as well as every few days for the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, you can reduce watering frequency to once every ten days. Fertilize the plants lightly after growth starts and then three times yearly, once in very early spring, once in the summer, and again at the end of the summer.


You should start to see fruit production after about three years. Harvest the fruit when they make a metallic sound when tapped. Do not allow the fruit to become overly ripe as they may split open.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Pomegranate fruit can be stored for up to 6 months once harvested if kept at a temperature of between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy the fresh fruit or use the juice to make a variety of syrups, healthy drinks, smoothies, jellies, salsa, soups, gelatin desserts and a host of other delicious and healthy treats.

Why not discover the joy of growing your own pomegranate plant? You’ll be rewarded with a delicious fruit that can enhance your taste buds as well as your health.

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  1. oooh, Good post.
    My boyfriend just bought a new house with a huge garden…. and we both love pommegranites.

    It never occurred to me that I could grow my own …


  2. A very good article cannot wait to plant some

  3. what do you do with the seeds when u purchase the fruit from your local supermarket.
    like how do you get the seeds ready for growing? i have no idea because i saved some pomegranate seeds but i dont know how to get them ready to grow? im my garden?

    do you dry them out Or do you have to like peel of something or do something for the pomegranates?

    sorry for the long comment but im curious about how to grow the seeds straight from the fruit you eat from the local supermarket ?

  4. I haven’t had any trouble getting the seeds (dried or otherwise) to sprout. Remove the tasty part around the seed and plant the seeds as usual. The problem I have found is that they grow tall and skinny. Once they get to about a foot tall, they want to fall over. When I add a support, any leaves that come in contact with the support die (and then the nearest ones to those die, and so on). It could be that I am using the wrong (or too much/too little) fertilizer. Does anyone know the proper fertilizer to use in this case? Any other suggestions for getting them to thrive instead of slowly dying?

  5. I live in spain and i have a pomegranite bush with lots of small pomegranites on but they are all splitting ,it ws from a nursery and was planted about 2 years ago any ideas on why they are splitting and wha t i might do.

  6. I don’t have a pomegranate tree, I’ve been reading up on them because I want to purchase one and the following information was read. One article said that when the pomegranates get over-ripe they have a tendancy to split. Another article said if the tree has been subjected to being dry for a while and then all of a sudden gets a lot of water they will split open also. Again, I don’t have a tree and no experience on the matter. A good nursery will gladly give you the information you are seeking as good will. Hope this has helped.

  7. What it’s a good fertilizer for the pomagranite tree?

  8. I have had pomegranate trees my whole life (I grew up in california)and they are virtually carefree! You must trim them to keep them a managable size and keep them from having too many suckers but as for fertilizer we just always used the “spike” fertilizer sticks for fruiting trees (Miracle Grow and other companies make them) that you can buy at Home Depot or any such store…make sure to put them in once to twice a year and not too close to the tree base – follow the directions on the package! You will have fruit year after year and it’s wonderful;-)

  9. Coby: The trick is to cut the top growth, get it to spread outwards in many directions. It baiscally supports itself, through counterbalance.

  10. Advice for Ireland?

  11. Can Pomegranates grow in saskatchewan?I’m only 10 and I’m trying to learn how to grow pomegranets, there my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How about Chicago? Is it possible to grow them inside, by the window, until it is warmer outside?

  13. My father were walking around outside today, and managed to find a pomegranate bush near our house. We took some of the fruit, and are thinking of planting the seeds. The area we live in doesn’t allow trees, so I suppose bushes will need to do…how do we go about planting them, and when should we do so? We live in Nevada, by the way.

  14. I have planted pomegranate seeds in potting soil and so far
    three sprouts have come out. How big should the sprouts be
    before I replant them in the ground.

  15. rubbish

  16. I have a pot outside my flat. It is not very huge and the leaves looks dry. I only watered it at night coz I have no time in the day. I am a bit clueless on how to grow a promegrante plant.

  17. I think the solution is that u should water it a few times a day. I hope it helps. :P

  18. I threw some seeds into a pot — the poms produce over 20 babies. My kiwi & tomato seeds – zip, nada, not a thing. From what other posters have said, i should have poms in 3-4 years. I love this stuff.
    another happy gardener :-)

  19. I saw a miniature pomegranate tree in a seed catalog and I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with them—how much fruit do they have? I wonder if you try to grow a tree from seeds of regular pomegranates you eat, if you can stunt it like a larger bonsai to make it a potted plant. I live in a cold zone too but LOVE pomegranates. I’ve been saving one in my fridge and just ate my last probably of the season as I can’t find any available in the stores any longer (boo hoo).

  20. My understanding is that one can’t grow a “yielding” pomogranate tree from seeds. While it may grow, it apparently doesn’t yield fruits. I am not an expert on this and I just heard this from friends at the Agri University here in Bangalore.

    Also, I see some suggestions for using “spike”. Not sure if this is organic. At my place I have only used home made compost and the tree yields a lot (sadly…they are mosty eaten by Squirrels).

  21. #13 by Thatz, Dec 16, 2008
    My father were walking around outside today, and managed to find a pomegranate bush near our house. We took some of the fruit, and are thinking of planting the seeds. The area we live in doesn’t allow trees, so I suppose bushes will need to do…how do we go about planting them, and when should we do so? We live in Nevada, by the way.

    What kind of place do you live in man trees are good for the enviroment.(Laugh)They probaly only let you burn wood(smerc)

  22. your leaving the fruit on the bush to long take them off before they split

  23. i appreciate all that i have read, but How many seeds does one put per hill?

  24. i live in maine and have 4 pomegranate trees growing well.
    anything they say CANT be grown is just what i’ll try. i took the seeds i got from a pomegranate and dried them for a month,then i cut a small piece off the seed to speed things up,it of my trees isabout 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall now and all i do is water them once a week and use a miracle-grow food in maine i keep them inside during winter and put them out in the far so good?.i also grow coffee too.

  25. I am having a Pomegranate tree in San Francisco house which is more than 5 years old. It has grown quite big and every year shows lot of beautiful and healthy looking flowers but never had any fruit. I bought it from Home Depot. Every year I wait for flowers to turn into fruits but is still waiting. Do you think it might have some disease and need cure ?

  26. My new Pomegranate bush has turned brittle and the leaves are all brown. Why is this and will it snap back to life soon?

  27. I planted 2 dwarf 5 gallon poms as ornamental shrubs just this spring. They are growing well here in the Texas Heat. The flowers are gorgeous and I’ve found 3-4 of the fruit on each. If I dont get them off before they fully ripen I guess the squirrels are tasting them. I pulled one today and looked inside. The seeds are the white ones and seem bitter but even so its real and edible fruit. I saved the seeds to see if I can sprout some for planting. So beautiful and so ornamental.

  28. I live in the pacific north west and we dont go under 0 degrees so can a grow pomegranets?

  29. The reason starting from seed is a hit and miss process is becasue you never know what polinated the the flower, hence if you grow your plant you don’t know which way the genetics will lean. It’s hit and miss.

    Since you need to invest 3 years before fruit is produced, this is not the most efficent way to screen for good genetics. This is way a cutting, with 100% known genetics is best.

    This however, does not mean one can’t get lucky and produce a hardy fruit yielding plant from seed.

  30. At what bage does a pomegranite tree commence to bear friut?

  31. I mean at what age!…sorry

  32. any advice for new jersey? im only 10 and im gonna be 13 by the time i can pick them so i better start growing them now

  33. about 3 years

  34. Thank You

    Notice too the Flower in the Shape of the Star of David and the Seeds could be like tthe Promise to Abraham and the Promise for the Number of the Children of Y

  35. Can i buy a grafted 1?.. will that make it fruit earlier? please

  36. ok wanna be friends?

  37. That’s the attitude that makes anything possible. Love it!

  38. you suck


  40. im going to buy a plant, do i need a male and a female to make fruit or are they a-sexual?

  41. Hi All,

    I have a POMEGRANATE started from seed about 4 or 5″ tall in a newly established large pot.
    Should I try to keep it going through winter,or take it to my cold basement and allow it to rest until spring?
    Thanks for answers!

  42. Well?
    Bump or burp?

  43. cosè che s’impianta del melograno

  44. Very educational and makes me want to plant one right away.

  45. About to bring my granite out of the basement for spring,and see if it is still alive.

  46. About to bring my granite out of the basement for spring,and see if it is still alive.

  47. My pomegranite tree has MANY blossoms. Should I pinch some off to allow for more growth of fewer fruits?

  48. i have 3 pom trees. one is just for flowering- no fruits. and 2 bought from home depot. they are 3 year old. first year i plucked all flowers off the trees. second year i had each tree about 7 fruits, this year i have so much flowers but mostly male flowers, so far i have only 5 fruits each.tree.i baby them, i water them i feed them i talk to them sing to them but they seem dont care much about bearing more fruits. what i did wrong? sue

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