How to Grow Okra

How much water this vegetable needs, the type of soil required, when to plant okra, etc.

Growing a garden can be a rewarding experience. If you happen to be growing a vegetable garden then you may want to try growing some okra. In this article, I will discuss how you can grow okra.

What Is Okra

Okra is a vegetable that many people enjoy eating, and it is also fairly easy to grow. The okra plant can grow several feet high, and it produces large fan like leaves. The okra pods will sprout from the plant when it matures, and the pod will grow to be a couple of inches in length. When the pod grows to be three or four inches long, feel free to pick it. Then simply cook the okra however you wish, and enjoy it.

When to Plant Okra

Okra should be planted in the spring months when the temperature is no longer freezing. Depending on your location this could be as early as March or as late as May. It just depends. However, if you do plant the okra too soon and it freezes then the okra will almost certainly die. So be careful.


As for the soil, a rich fertile soil is best for the okra plant. However, it is widely adaptable to other types of soils. Some people successfully grow the okra plant in sandy soil that would almost certainly grow little else(if anything).

Sun & Temperature

Okra plants generally enjoy full sun or direct light. You can successfully grow okra in partial shade if you wish, and you probably will not have any trouble. It’s possible that the okra plant will grow more slowly in partial shade, but it should be just fine eventually. As for the temperature, okra plants seem to really enjoy the heat. Temperatures that are above ninety degrees will be just fine for okra plants.


While it’s true that okra plants love the heat, they also need water. If it’s really hot outside and the okra plant(s) are in the full sun then you may want to water them a couple of times a week. Just keep an eye on your okra plants and see what they like best. If the okra plants are wilted then water them. Otherwise, just leave them be.


Fortunately, okra has few pests. So you can rest a little easier when you’re growing okra plants. The occasional grasshopper might nibble a bit on your okra, and so might a worm or two. But for the most part, okra are fairly hardy when it comes to insects.

If you have gophers then you may have problems with them. Gophers might eat the roots of the okra plant, which would kill it fairly quickly. And then there is the Leaf cutter ants. If they’re really desperate for food, they might strip your okra plant of its leaves. But that’s unlikely to happen.

As you can see, okra plants can be fun to grow, especially if you enjoy growing vegetables in your garden. With minimal pests and a hardy nature, okra plants may quickly become your favorite vegetable.

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  1. My mom is in a wheelchair after a stroke. Before the stroke she loved to garden. One of her favorites is okra. Is there a variety of okra that we can plant in box for a table top garden?

  2. As long as it’s outside and warm, I see no reason why you couldn’t use any type of okra plant for that purpose. Just make sure the pot is deep and wide enough. Probably a minimum of one foot for the depth and two feet for the width. Of course, okra plants can become quite large so keep that in mind. If your mother is in a wheelchair then she might have difficulty dealing with a large okra plant. Sorry about your mom’s stroke.

  3. Do you cut the leaves off when you cut the pods off?

  4. No, you don’t need to do that. Just cut the pods off.

  5. Thanks, I’ve grown okra a few times in my garden. This gives me added information to work with

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