How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots at Home

Learning how to grow cucumbers in pots will provide you with a ready supply of fresh cucumbers when these delicious vegetables are in season.

Cucumbers are scientifically classified as fruits although they are used as vegetables. Cucumbers grow on a vine and like all vines, need space to run.

When learning how to grow cucumbers in pots you may also have to learn how to set up a trellis on your porch for your cucumber vine. The trellis provides the physical foundation your cucumber vine needs to grow and flourish in its container.

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A trellis is used to give all the leaves on your cucumber plant maximum exposure to sun. When cucumber plants are grown in pots and given adequate access to sunlight, they are better able to produce well-sized fruit. The cucumbers are a tasty ingredient in pomegranate juice and other pomegranate recipes.

Growing cucumbers in pots with the assistance of a trellis has an added advantage. The foliage will provide your porch with some amount of privacy. You can make your trellis yourself or buy it at a home and garden store. To avoid the work of building a trellis you can also grow cucumber varieties like Salad Bush, which have short vines. The drawback is that these cucumbers are smaller.

English: A lattice allows a growing cucumber plant to grab a hold of strings and help the plant grow upwards towards the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plant your cucumbers in their pots after the frost is over. Cucumber vines like warm temperatures. In temperate countries, the best time to plant cucumbers is in late spring. The temperature at this time is best for starting cucumbers in containers. He seeds should be sown directly into the containers. Cucumbers do not do well with transplanting.

Cucumbers like soil with a pH of about 6.5. You can add organic fertilizer to the soil you use in your containers. Organic compost from your own household or from a neighbor can also be used to enrich the soil in your containers.

Cucumbers are susceptible to attacks from insects, so inspect your cucumber plants on a regular basis for signs of infestation. These small garden plants are attractive and will do well in your garden with the right amount of care.

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English: This structure, with interconnecting strings, helps cucumbers grow upwards towards the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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