How to Grow Azalea Bushes

Azaleas are the most colorful flowering shrubs grown in Florida. They produce a showy, flowery display early spring until fall. This articles is a "How to article" on how to grow Azalea bushes.

Azaleas are the most colorful shrub of all the spring flowering shrubs in Florida. Evergreen Azaleas (1 of 2 species of Azalea) bloom so profusely that the flowers completely hide the leaves and foliage. They almost take care of themselves, if planted in the right spot. This article will tell you how to grow azaleas in Florida:

Azaleas growing environment needs:

In order to grow Azaleas with ease, you need to provide a good growing environment first. Azaleas like dappled (shade with some sun showing through) shade for most of the day. If the area you have picked out has too much sun or shade, your Azaleas won’t survive. An ideal spot for Azaleas, is a spot that gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

Check the soils’ PH to see how much acid is in the soil. Azaleas like a PH between 4.5 and 6.0 and soil that is moist on the surface because the roots of an Azalea plant are near the surface. In the Western states, Azaleas are grown in large pots and kept on a shady porch, patio or deck.

Choosing your Azalea shrub:

Azaleas come in many different colors including red, pink and white. Azaleas can be either evergreen or deciduous and are hardy in zones 4 and 7. Azaleas are a partial shade plant.

When choosing an Azalea shrub from your local nursery, make certain there is no unhealthy looking or dead foliage. The best time to purchase and plant your Azalea shrub is in early spring. This is because they are just breaking dormancy and getting ready to bloom.

Planting your Azalea shrub:

Did a broad planting hole, twice as wide than it is deep (The Azaleas roots are near the top of the soil). Mix a 3-inch layer of peat moss or leaf mold into the hole. Set the shrub the same depth as it was in it’s pot, into the hole, and cover with remaining soil. Water your Azalea shrub thoroughly and mulch around it with 2-inches of pine bark mulch, pine needles or other mulch.

Feed your Azalea shrub every spring with a fertilizer formulated for plants that prefer acidic soil. Let your Azalea shrub grow naturally and only trim out dead foliage, damaged limbs and dead limbs.

Growing Azalea shrubs in your landscaping will help brighten up your yard from early spring until fall.  Follow this articles tips for how to plant an Azalea shrub and your Azalea will keep giving you a flowery show for years to come. 

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