How to Grow an Oleander

Growing plants is a favorite hobby for many Americans. From houseplants to outdoor gardening, there is an endless variety of plants from which to choose. However, if you want to grow a flowering shrub that is both drought-resistant and attractive, try growing an oleander bush.

Where to Plant The Oleander Bush

The oleander bush can be planted in a variety of soils, and will tolerate full sun. However, it is probably best to plant it in some partial shade; oleander bushes seem to prefer it. Just make sure that your oleanders have plenty of room to grow because they can reach several feet in height. Sometimes oleander bushes resemble small trees. And if you plant a group of them near each other, make sure that they are several feet apart. Between five and ten feet should be sufficient.

Watering & Fertilizing

Since the oleander bush is a drought resistant plant, it obviously doesn’t require that much water. However, if you want your oleander to flower then you may want to water it a bit more. The oleander itself may look a little more robust and healthy if you water it a little more than usual. If you’re located in an area that is under water restrictions then you can just use a drip hose to water your oleander(s).

As for fertilizing, it’s probably best to do that in the spring when everything starts growing. It might even help your oleander to produce more flowers. As for the type of fertilizer, you can hammer fertilizer sticks into the ground near the roots of the oleander bushes. You could also just use Miracle Grow or something similar.


The oleander bush can withstand very hot temperatures fairly easily. Temperatures of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit or higher are acceptable for this plant. Of course, if you have several days or weeks of a hundred plus weather then you may want to water the plant a bit more. And like I mentioned above, shade doesn’t hurt anything.

As for cold temperatures, the oleander bush can handle light freezes. However, if the temperature dips below thirty degrees then your oleander may lose its leaves. The oleander will not necessarily die, but you will have to trim back the dead branches. And once spring returns, your oleander bush may regenerate itself. But it will be much shorter due to the dead branches being trimmed off.

As you can see, growing an oleander bush is a fairly simple process. Thanks to their hearty nature and exotic beauty, oleander bushes can help to beautify your surroundings. Even if you are in a partial desert.

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  1. can i use azal fertilizer on my oleander bush

  2. I needed to know the best time to trim my oleander but the article did not say.

  3. Our oleander bushes have aphids on our bushes what do we do for them.

  4. You can try blasting them off with strong bursts of water, pruning off parts of the plant that are infected, or use an insecticide spray of some type.

    And prune your oleanders early in the spring.

  5. The article did not tell how much to water or when to water Oleanders.

  6. Water them more when it’s hot and dry; less when it’s not. Thoroughly soak the plants, and then let them dry out a bit before you water them again.

  7. do the oleander leaves normally turn brown in the winter? They are both 3′ tall but most of the top leaves are brown.

  8. No, they shouldn’t turn brown. I don’t know why yours turned brown, unless it froze or something? You may want to try pruning off the brown sections of the plant. Or you can just watch your plants and see what happens. If it becomes worse, then pruning is probably a good idea.

  9. Hi mine is very young – only bought it last year. Its still green after the harsh winter but the leaves have darker markings on them. Its only one branch high so can really trim it down, should I just leave it and hope for the best? Thanks

  10. Sorry I mean’t can’t really trim it down….

  11. That’s probably all you can do if it’s that young. Hopefully, it will be okay. The top branches might die off in a worst case scenario, but hopefully, newer branches would start to form from the bottom of the plant. If not, then the roots of the oleander have probably died and you’ll have to buy a new one. They don’t care for the cold.

  12. Will the bush do OK in a large pot say 5 Gals . That way I can bring it in my sun room in the winter, some times it gets in the 20 ies here.


  14. From what I’ve read on-line, yes. Here’s a link:

    Scroll down to about the middle of the page. The sub-title is propagation.

  15. #12 Aaked if the bush will do OK in a large pot. I was wondering the same thing. I want to put them in a large pot so I can put them in front of my office building to beautify the front of the building. Is this recommended?

  16. You can probably grow them in a pot, but it’s best to grow them in the ground.

  17. My oleander bushes leaves are turning yellow and dropping off. There is no fungus or discoloration on the leaves. What should I do? I have tried increasing the water but it has not changed anything. Any suggestions?

  18. It could be leaf scorch:

    If it is, then you’ll want to remove the infected oleanders in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other oleanders.

  19. I want to use oleander as a natural fence around a privacy garden – can anyone tell me how fast it grows?

  20. I am in the tropics and oleanders grow wild. I have always loved them and since I live in a rented house I grew mine in a large pot. It is now blooming and very healthy so I would say go for it (if you want to pput it ina pot)

  21. My oleanders (three plants) all have yellow leaves at the bottom of eash branch. I planted them May this year. the leaves do not look like the ones at web site. they are bright yellow not brown. Help!

  22. I live in the tidewater area of Virginia (Norfolk) and was told that Oleanders have a hard time surviving the winter. Is this true? Are there precautions that need to be done to protect the plant in winter here?

  23. I have some oleander seeds, any tips on how to plant the seeds?

  24. Yes, cold weather can be detrimental to your oleanders; they don’t do as well in colder climes. I suppose you could pot them, and then bring them in during your cold winter. If they’re planted outside, then I suppose you could cover them with plastic or something to try and keep them warmer. But if it becomes really cold, then this will probably fail too.

    Clive, you may want to start off your seedlings in a miniature greenhouse or something similar. Plastic pots are probably fine. I would keep the soil moist when your plants are young. After they grow to a foot or so, you can plant them outside if you like. It’s up to you.

  25. hi does any one know how to get a cutting to take?

  26. someone gave me an oleander bush so I planted it last year It has not grown but a foot tall I think it needs to be moved cause of agressive plants around it can I move it now maybe out from the tangled roots of other plants to a bit of shade’ e-mail

  27. where do I buy oleander bushes? I live in arkansas

  28. Our Oleanders (3) have grown very tall – over 8 feet. They have not bloomed much in the last couple of years. Question 1 – any thoughts as to how we can get them to bloom again. Question 2 – what will be the effect on the plants if we severely prune them back by by three feet or so?

  29. I reside in Greenville, SC. Last year, I purchased two Oleanders from a local nursery. At the time of purchase, they were in 2-gallon containers and in full bloom. They bloomed into the fall until cold weather. Unfortunately, both turned completely brown from the winter cold, looking dry (dead) from the ground up. I cut them off at approx. 4-5 inches above the earth. Surprisingly, they grew out this past spring and have grown to approx. 3 1/2′ to date. My Oleanders have not yet bloomed, but look very healthy. Hopefully, once the root system matures they will thrive and bloom. Any care suggestions for my zone?

  30. I have two clippings from my dad’s oleander. His is not a bush it lays on the ground. Could this be from not pruning it? Or or there different kinds of oleander’s.

  31. I have had oleanders plants in pots for a number of years but have never flowered once, there are flowers
    but never open. Neighbours in the street have theirs in full bloom every year. Please help, what am I doing wrong?

  32. I treated my yellow leaves the same as you would a rose bush, with an anti fungal dust. I am not saying I am right but the problem went away.

  33. Oleander leaves turn yellow periodically, particularly after a great deal of watering. I have never treated such issues and simply let the leaves drop. Oleanders are a fairly disease and insect resistant shrub. Re: blooming, remember that oleanders bloom off 2nd year growth, so be particular about how and what you prune. You can prune oleanders pretty aggressively, but doing so might remove 2nd year growth and in turn the chances of blooms. Check out for good info on growing oleanders.

  34. my oleander doesn’t like the sun, the flowers shrivel up and die even before the bloom. once I put in the shade it’s very happy.

  35. I have a oleander tree in my home. I have trimmed it a couple of times, it’s nice and healthy looking its just really limp and straggly. Fallen over on me. What do I do????

  36. My oleander is about 6 feet tall. But isnt strong enough to stay up on its own.Falling over and limp. It has flowered a few times, but not in awhile. How do I get it to stand up and get Strong????

  37. I spray my oleanders with home defense.. It kills the aphids and keeps the grasshoppers away..

  38. Oleander… One of the most poisonous plants, ever. It’s amazing how popular it is =]

  39. How aggressive is the root system on Oleander is there a chance it could do harm to walls foundations and other trees around them. My HOA has Prohibited them in our community.

  40. How aggressive is the root system on Oleander is there a chance it could do harm to walls foundations and other trees around them. My HOA has Prohibited them in our community.

  41. I just planted 4 new Oleanders. Two of them are wilting. I was told to water them the first 5 day and then let them dry out. What could the probem be?

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