How to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

What You Can Do to Ensure A Great Garden Next Year.

It’s that time of year again! My garden has quite a few fall leaves scattered here and there, I will leave them until the spring and then put them in the composter as they are a great protection from harsh winter weather and full of nutrients. If you have a more formal lawn or garden you can rake them and compost them now. I then remove all the dead plants from my vegetable garden and turn the soil. In the flower garden I remove only diseased plants and cut back the dry flowers and foliage, except the ornamental grasses as they look beautiful in winter covered with frost. Never prune the roses or flowering shrubs in fall though it is a great time to transplant them. I have a small lilac bush that needs to be moved to a sunnier location. This is a great time to split your perrenials and move them and add some good soil. I use triple mix. This is the time to plant your spring bulbs, like daffodils, tulips and hyacinths to name a few. I plant some new every fall and hope to have one hill totally covered in daffodils eventually. I always give them bulb food and water when I plant them. Then I drain and put the water hose away for winter. This is also the best time to feed your lawn I use weed and feed it is available at most hardware stores and garden centres. I hope this has been a help. Happy gardening!

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  1. Lauralu that time of year again luckily enough I do not have to do that this year but I do miss it

  2. Helpful information

  3. Thanks for the tips, I’ve been out in the garden all day with the garden shredder, chopping up the rubbish.

  4. Well done thank you for sharing.

  5. We didn’t get to have a garden this year. Hopefully nest year though. Great information.

  6. Very good tips

  7. Thanks so much. I was wanting to trim back a couple of roses that have gotten out of hand. That will wait.

  8. very nice article :)

  9. Laura, you are down to earth mother and wife. I love your enterprise. Keep it up

  10. Great tips here Laura!

  11. useful share

  12. Thanks for the tips.

  13. You are a wealth of information! I consider you my gardening pro!

  14. Useful tips.

  15. good tips! :)

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