How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are attracted to fermenting fruit and rotting meat.

Yellow Jackets can become quite a nusiance for people and their pets.

As they are attracted to fermenting fruits and rotting meat, I have found that the best methods to ridding your outside areas of these pests is with a trap.

Yellow Jacket Trap

You will need: A large plastic soda bottle

                   Can of tuna fish

                   can of fruit cocktail

  Put the fruit cocktail and tuna fish, with juic and all into the large soda bottle

Now, about 2 or 3 inches about the mixture in the bottle, place holes in the bottle, when making the holes be sure to make them just large enough for the bees to get into with hte edges of the holes flaring into the bottle. This makes it so that the bees cannot get back out!

Recap your bottle and rap a string around the top. Hang the bottle near wherever you notice the yellow jackets or near your fruit trees.

This will trap a large number of the worker bees but does get rid of the Queen bee. Hunting for and killing the queen bee… well that would be a new article

You can also get some free roaming ducks, they will actually dig up the yellow jackets and eat them. :)

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  1. Cool tips you have outlined…

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