How to Get Rid of Swarmers Safely and Easily

Only two of winged termites otherwise known as swarmers or "reproductives" can start a new termite colony. Here is a simple way to get rid of them safely and easily.

It’s a headache dealing with pests like termites. These small bugs can destroy valuable documents that for years you have been trying to preserve. My graduation yearbook was almost gone when these pests gnawed on it. They are slowly creeping their way to my set of diaries when I noticed them. You’ll never know when and where these pests will attack.

Pest Control Services

To prevent these things from happening, it is common for people to avail of pest control services. Before a house is constructed, you’ll need to find a professional termite exterminator especially if you live in places where termites abound. We are a good candidate because we live in a place where mounds of termites grow. There are at least three mounds of termites in our small lot. Just placing a small piece of wood overnight near these places can bring in queues of termites in the morning. You can even hear them gnawing. In fact, we saw an anteater the first time we visited to clear the area for house construction.

While it is possible to exterminate the pests in one location, pest exterminators really have no way to eradicate all of them. Hence, the word pest control instead of pest elimination. Termites are a natural part of the ecosystem tasked with role of converting back woody material back into smaller bits that will make them useful to plants.

Termite Exterminators Use Chemicals

Termite exterminators use chemicals that may or may not be environment-friendly so it always pays to undertake preventive measures to control termites. I learned of a simple way to deal primarily with swarmers or “reproductives”, those flying termites that leave their colonies usually in great numbers, to mate and start new colonies. 

How to Get Rid of Swarmers Safely and Easily

When swarmers come in droves and get attracted to light, it only takes two of them to meet and start a colony. Many people would resort to putting in a pan of water under these lights or catch them one by one (well, if you have the patience). I suppose some would resort to insecticide sprays but it is not safe to food and inhalation can be harmful.

A very simple way to catch virtually all of them without the danger associated with using chemicals is to tape a plastic sando bag just near the source of light (see below).

The method works quite fast and effective in eliminating these swarms and prevent them from establishing a new colony somewhere in your house. In a matter of minutes all the swarms are gone, their wings off in the sando bag. Since these swarmers are flying in an apparently random but circling manner, there is a high possibility that they land inside the sando bag and slide in it. Once inside, they have difficulty flying back as they tend to slide back when flying in a circular manner. You can then dispose of them easily outside of your house.

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