How to Dust Roses for Pest Control

Healthy roses need to be dusted properly with insecticide, here’s how to do it.

The healthiest looking and most tended to rose bushes harbor insects, that’s why roses have to be dusted with insecticide to keep the pests from devouring the roses.

The best time of day to dust roses is late evening when the air is still and there is dew on the rose bush leaves. This will help the dust settle on the roses and the dew help hold the dust in place. if you can’t dust roses in the late evening, pre-dawn is the second best time to dust.

Dust the roses from the under side of the bush. Most pests live and hide under the rose’s leaves, and dusting from the top of the rose won’t get the dust where the pests are hiding.

The goal is to create a cloud of insecticide dust that will settle all over the roses and into every little nook and cranny that might be harboring pests. Wear a mask when you dust your roses, breathing in the insecticide dust is not healthy for you.

During rainy spells or times of heavy dew, dust roses twice per week. When the weather is hot and dry, dust roses only once per week.

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