How to Build a Greenhouse on a Budget

This describes how to build an inexpensive greenhouse. It offers plans on how to construct a small greenhouse for under $35.

If you are wanting to build another edition of the Biosphere line, it cannot be done on a budget. However, if you want a compact greenhouse for starting plants and other garden projects, there are some inexpensive ways to produce a greenhouse. The main thing to remember if you want to build a greenhouse without taking out a second mortgage is to use items that you already have or that can be acquired cheaply.

Decide on what size greenhouse you need.

Many gardeners who just want a place to give their tomatoes a boost or start some other types of plants do not need a huge space. By using shelves, you can turn even a small greenhouse into a much large growing area. A greenhouse that measures about 3 feet by 4 feet and is 3 feet high can give enough space for many plants. This size greenhouse can be constructed in a couple of hours for under $35. If you have some of the materials already, it can drive the price down a lot.

Sketch out how you want the frame work of the greenhouse to be made.

Keep this part as simple as possible. If you make the greenhouse box shaped, you do not even have to worry about getting the peak of the roof to come out right. For box shaped units, you should make one of the long sides slightly taller than the other. This will give you a sloped roof that will shed water better when it rains. If the water pools up, it can tear through the plastic covering.

Use light weight lumber for the frame.

If you purchase 1×2 pine lumber, it will be extremely cheap. To build a greenhouse of the previously listed dimensions, you will need 9 boards that are 8 feet long. These cost about $2 each. Larger lumber can be used, but it will make your greenhouse bulky and heavy. Use drywall screws to assemble the pieces to make the project go faster.

Buy a clear plastic drop cloth for the fabric to cover the greenhouse.

Using a heavy weight plastic drop cloth like you would use for painting will give enough strength to the exterior of your green house. These cost about $5 to $10 at most discount stores. You will use tacks or staple to attach the plastic to the frame. Do not cover the floor. It will just stay open.

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