Honey Home Grown: It’s The Best

Honey has been proven to be more effective than cough syrup for getting rid of pesky coughs. It also works wonders for allergy symptoms if you know the secret. This article will help you harness the healing power of honey home grown,

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Home grown honey or honey harvested in your area does wonders if you suffer from allergies. Honey made in your town is produced by your friendly neighborhood local bees. The bees in your town are near the source of your allergies. A good dose of home grown honey,, in your local area is very effective for giving your your allergy symptoms the boot. Local honey performs like a an allergy shot making you immune to local allergens.

Try to purchase honey produced within ten miles of your own neighborhood. Another good tip is to ask for honey that was produced in the season that you allergies affect you the most. If you allergies are most bothersome in the spring seek out honey that was harvested in the spring. This way the allergens you need to combat symptoms will be in that batch of honey.

Consult you doctor before starting your honey cure. When you get approval begin taking a tablespoon of honey daily. Start your honey doses one month before the season you are most affected. Follow these tips and your allergy symptoms will subside.

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  1. Great article and informative. I love honey. It has many wonderful properties.

  2. Another lovely article here-honey has many wonderful health values-you are right on purchasing honey from local producers-in my country, there unscrupulous honey producers who adulterate honey, so there is point in buying from people you know very well

  3. Super information about why we should buy local honey!!! my husband has added this on Facebook – hopefully that gets you more views too!

  4. A very good reminder.

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