Hands Off the Bees

Everyone has their passions. One of this gardener’s passions is – bees?


You don’t slap bees in my garden.  That’s the rule.  My kids are used to my “quirks”, but my grandson found out for the first time today about the bees.

     Last year, there were almost no bees around here.  I had to hand-pollinate my plants.  This year, the bees are back, and I’m ecstatic.  So when my grandson was caught shooing them away once, twice, three times, that was enough.  I had to get firm. 

    I Like bees in my garden.  I plant to attract them.

    Yes, I know that will shock some people.  Mainly my grandson’s mother. 

    That’s too bad.  Because those little buggers are keeping things going, and I want them back.

     Besides, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting and watching butterflies play tag amongst the greenery while hummingbirds get chubby drinking out of my flowers, all the while listening to bees buzz as they do  the work of pollinating my plants.

    So, remember—Hands off my bees!

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