Growing and Caring for Aloe Vera

Very kitchen should have an aloe vera plant. Here is how to grow and take care of them.

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects


There are a plethora of the aloe plant that are native to Africa. The aloe vera grown in kitchens is from the variety called Aloe Barbensis Miller.  The aloe vera plant has a large scope of size, from one inch to lots of two feet in diameter gathered together. Herbalists call this ‘the true aloe’ and has many medicinal uses

To grow aloe vera plants, you need temperatures above 40 degrees. Since aloe vera. Since aloe vera needs above 40 degrees to survive, many people grow them in containers outside during the warm months and bring it inside when it will be cold. The reason for this is it is 95% water inside of its leaves and makes it very tender to the frost.  Like cacti, aloe vera will survive in weak soil that other plants might not.  It also doesn’t need a lot of water as it is classified as a succulent plant. This means it conserves its water.  But it does need, like cacti, good drainage and as much sun as possible, but will still do well with LIGHT  shade. Let the soil dry totally in winter before watering, and let it get moderately dry before watering in spring and summer. Try not to water it too much. For years, the aloe vera will survive in the same pot. Don’t plant this in a massive, big container as the aloe vera likes its roots crowded. Late winter or spring is the only time you should repot it, if you must.  If you desire, there is a special cacti mix of soil you can buy and grow it.

If you want to breed this plant, it can either be grown by planting seeds or remove, at the base of the plant, offshoots. When the plant gets older, there is a chance it may bloom bright coral colored flowers. A little piece of trivia. The favorite food of a hummingbird is the nectar of a flower of an aloe vera plant.

Some aloe plants who are related to aloe vera may be poisonous. Be sure that if you are going to use it, it is not poisonous. And in another article I’ll tell you how to use it for health and beg you to CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE USING.

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