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I don’t have a yard to grow a garden in so I do the next best thing and garden on my deck in various pots, planters and containers from recycle. All it takes is a little imagination and effort and you can have a garden even if you don’t have ground to till and plant it in. I’m looking forward to sitting on my deck and watching my garden grow.


It shouldn’t be too long now before I can get my deck all set up for summer and fall and get my spring plants outside and arranged on my deck.  Because I don’t have yard-garden space I have to do window and deck gardening or no gardening at all but I love to grow things.  I really enjoy gardening; fresh herbs and vegetables, beautiful flowers and so I garden the best way I can, considering my living environment.  I garden in my windows and I garden on my deck.  Gardening on my deck can be productive and fun as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the soul.  It all begins, however, in my windows. 

Spring planting time is approaching fast and I want to be ready and so I’ll clean out my old tire planter and put my pyramid planter together again.  I’ll get my hanging pots ready for service and my rail planters ready to be hung in place.  I’ll clean my deck garden fountain and get that ready for use again, for a season, and decide what it is that I will grow, or attempt to grow this year.  To get a jump on the season I will start some of my seeds growing inside in my improvised mini-greenhouse planters I have created from recycled containers.  My mini-greenhouses will be converted to hanging and rail planters later.  Each new gardening season is a new and inspiring adventure and challenging as well. 

Here in the North Country where I live, I need to have all my little seeds planted by April 15th so I can have them hardened and growing outside by Memorial Day weekend (May 30th); so says my Farmer’s Almanac.  This has also been the rule of thumb in my family for as long as I can remember gardening.  It is just the way we do things around here and it seems to work.  (The Farmer’s Almanac, most seed catalogs or your local gardening nursery will be able to tell you when it is best to plant in your area; if you don’t already know.)

Once I have everything ready and have decided what I am going to grow, getting my seeds started indoors is the next step.  I need to go out and buy my seeds and my little peat-pots and peat-pellets.  These peat-pellets are self-contained planting medium that of soil and usually a peat-vermiculite mix and are the medium and pot all in one.  The peat-pot is made up of the same material but you do have to add soil inside the pot to place your seeds in.  They are easy and safe to use and so I start my seeds right in the pellets and/or pots. I use these because I do not have to disturb my plant or shock it when I am planting it in the outdoor planters later. 

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  1. Interesting thanks for the share

  2. We have a yard which my mom grows flowers,but she also fills our deck with flowers. We do not do windows, though for a time we had an aloe vera plant on the kitchen window sill. It got bad looking. My mom took it away, I am unaware of whether she kept it or not. Did you know aloe vera leaves really have lotion in them? Once a leave broke off and my mom let me cut it open and sure enough it was full of gel!

  3. When I lived in a falt with no garden, I did much the same as you. Now I do have a big garden – and i love it. but I often reminisce about the ‘makeshift’ garden I kept when I was a student.

  4. Oh I wish I didn’t have dogs that dig up every plant we put in the ground and knock over planters (or jump into them)! Your planter garden sounds lovely.

  5. I love the sound of your deck garden, it proves that you don’t need much space to grow pretty flowers and healthy vegetables, I think you should post some pictures of what it looks like in this article, thanks for the advice :)

  6. wow, cool

  7. “Plant people” know the love and care that goes into planting seeds and growing plants of all kinds. For them, plants are not just living things, they are entities with a spirit that can sense and respond to our care and our thoughts. I love plants, but have to focus more on fruit trees due to the sandy, depleted soil down here. I tried gardening, before, and it was a losing battle. I miss having a garden, as I did in New York when I lived there, in the Catskills. Thank you for sharing so much of your passion for plants. I hope you have a great growing season!

  8. This sounds like a terrific way to keep plants growing well, up close to you, where you have the fun and joy from seeing your good work growing for you!

    A great article, thanks!

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