Furdiburb Recipes

Furdiburb is an Android / Iphone game. It is a very simple yet addicting game that you do not need to be always online to play it. Try to install it to your mobile and you won’t regret to play it.

Hi Android users. I know some of you out there are fond of playing the Furdiburb game, and so do I. So I gathered these recipes for you as a guide to cook your Furdis food. Enjoy! (Earn Through Blogging)

(Earn Through Blogging)

Cherry+Starquest+Starquest= Red & White Vase

Cherry+Cherry+Cherry= Cherry Picture

Cherry+Strawberry+Pineapple= Heart

Dragon Fruit+Cherry+Strawberry= Bed

Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit+Dragon Fruit= Chili

Empty Bottle+Empty Bottle+Empty Bottle= Green Lamp Shade

Empty Bottle+Strawberry+Strawberry= Strawberry Jam

Eggplant+Squash+Starquest= Purple Creature

Eggplant+Squirrel+Squash= Gingerbread Man

Ham+Heart+Broken Heart= Chicken Mama

Hotdog+Hotdog+Hotdog= Ham

Mushroom+Rock+OrangePotion=420 stars                                                       

Orange Potion+Orange Potion+Orange Potion=1210 star

Plum+Pumpkin+Squash= Turkey

Pumpkin+Pumpkin+Pumpkin= Pumpkin Pie

Pineapple+Eggplant+Empty Bottle= Cauliflower

Pumpkin+Mangasteen+Renewl= Watermelon

Pineapple+Mangasteen+Renewl= Broccoli

Red heart+broken heart+passion flower=3400 stars

Renewal potion + eggplant + star quest potion = blue hair bow potion

Renewal potion + star quest potion + strawberry = pink hair bow potion

Renewal Potion+ Star Quest+ Red Heart=1000 stars

Renewal+ Starquest+Strawberry= Female

Renewal+Starquest+Eggplant= Boy

Renewal+Starquest+Mangasteen= Rainbow Antenna

Renewal+Renewel+Renewel= Purple Starry Eyes

Renewl+Renewl+Starquest= Green Starry Eyes

Renewl+Cherry+Pumpkin= Halloween Eyeball

Rock+Rock+Starquest = Earth

Star power potion + star power potion + poop = shampoo

Star power potion + star power potion + cherry = striped flower pot

Starquest+Squash+Eggplant=Taro Root

Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry =  Strawberry Rug

Strawberry+Cheese+Hotdog= Strawberry Cheesecake

Squash+Squash+Empty Bottle= Honey

Squirrel+Squirrel+Poop= Skunk

Starquest Potion+Pineapple+Cherry= Cupcake

Squash+Hotdog+Cheese= Chocolate Pie

Squash+Squash+Squash= Radish

Squirrel+Cheese+Eggplant= Rotten Cheese

Here is another important Guide to Furdiburb Game.


Earn Through Blogging

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