Flowers Under The Snow

Gardening outdoors impossible in Winter,but planning is not.

Just sitting here by my sunny window and feeling the warmth of the suns rays as I drink my morning coffee,

I close my eyes and dream of all the gardening I will do this summer.

I can just see my crocus’s and daffodils

waiting to burst through the frozen ground.

I start planning where I will plant my first pansies and what colours

I will choose.

I have decided not to start any seedlings this year instead plan to purchase from a local plant nursery.

There will be a lot of cleanup in the garden this spring. Just getting out and getting my hands in the dirt will be

heavenly to me. So I study my gardening books and flower catologues and hope for a early spring.

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  1. I cant wait to do that as well. Hopefully a good vegetable garden

  2. Me too. I see the crocus and tulips are growing well in my garden, and the daffodils are in bud too. Cannot wait for warmer weather.

  3. Me too. I don’t have a yard to plant in but I do do deck gardening and am looking forward to spring. Nice article. Made me smile on this very cold morning here in Vermont.

  4. Not even seen a snowdrop yet this spring.

  5. Daffodils are up and doing beautiful in front of our house.What a shame, they don’t last longer. Nice article Laura, thanks for sharing.

  6. The rainy season has come for us. This is the time when plants grow best. We also depend on rain water for the purpose of drinking. I am not growing flowers. Only fruits and vegetables. Although it would be wonderful to grow flowers too.

  7. Brilliant as always. I really do enjoy each and every one that you publish.
    Take care my friend.

  8. Such a nice share. Thanks!

  9. brilliant articlee thanks

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