Flowers, Herbs and One Vegetable to Plant to Repel Garden Pests

As more and more chemicals are being spilled into our earth and air we need to look at alternative ways to get the job done. Here are some plants which will help you keep your garden bug free.

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Spring is finally around the corner for us in the northern states. Perhaps your weather is already nice. If it is you may be thinking about planting. Here is a helpful list of flowers, herbs and one vegetable you may want to consider adding to your garden to scare bugs away:

·         Allium – This includes chives, garlic, leeks, and onions. Not only will chives and leeks improve the health of vegetables growing in your garden but they will deter carrot flies. Garlic deters aphids and Japanese beetles. Plant garlic around peach trees to detract borers. Both garlic and onions repel moles and mice.

·         Basil – Plant pots of basil in areas people congregate to deter mosquitoes.

·         Borage – Intersperse them around tomatoes to repel tomato worms.

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·         Geranium – Particularly white geranium draw the Japanese beetles way from your rose bushes. Dispose of them in pails of water and discard.

·         Marigold – Pretty little marigold flowers repel root-knot nematodes in the soil. Planted near roses or beans will deter beetles.

·         Mint – Mint deters ants from around the home and discourages cabbage moths from laying eggs in and around the vegetable garden.

·         Pyrethrum – Planting this flower anywhere in your landscape will help keep aphids away.

·         Rosemary – While the fragrance of this plant is inviting to humans it is not so inviting to cabbage moths and Mexican bean beetles.

·         Spinach – This is our one vegetable. Planting this in your garden will help to keep slugs out. Stale beer in a small cup will also draw the slugs away from your vegetation. They will crawl in and not out.

·         Tansy – This attractive flower repels ants, mosquitoes and Japanese beetles.

·         Thyme – Planted in your vegetable garden will aid in repelling cabbageworms.

Add one or all of the above herbs and flowers and one vegetable to your garden to lessen your problems with garden pests. If we can cultivate with less pesticides we will make our earth healthier.

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  1. Very awesome share, keep it up :)

  2. Useful information. It’s time we should start using natural remedies.Good post.Judy Sheldon.

  3. You know – it’s an idea! I’m still not sure what to plant this spring… I’ll try at least one plant from your suggestions.

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  7. I’m off to plant a buckload of Spinach… slugs are a menace in my garden lol. Fantastic article!

  8. Wonderful, and fantastic article, Judy! I have basil, mint, chive, marigold, and geranium in pots. Nothing is blooming yet!

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  10. very helpful..i like spinach much

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  13. Judy, I agree, pesticides are poisoning our water and food supply. We should all go natural.

  14. excellent share, Judy, I am taking a look at planting Basil,since mosquitoes isour main problem at home.

  15. I miss my garden, especially in the spring, not so much in the hot summer when the weeds need digging out.

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