Five Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There are attractive garden plants that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are horrible creatures that swarm around you and suck your blood. They cause itchy rashes and can carry disease.

The most common way of repelling or getting rid of mosquitoes involves spraying a large quantity of poisonous chemicals in your yard and on yourself. If you are interested in a more natural approach, consider these plants that repel mosquitoes.

Citronella Grass

Citronella grass is, of course, where companies get the citronella oil. This oil is put in candles and lanterns that can be burned in your yard to repel mosquitoes. Citronella grass is actually a tropic plant that grows to be six feet tall, so it might not be practical in the average suburban backyard.


Catnip is an herb that is most commonly used to stuff in toys or feed to cats for their enjoyment. However, the oil from this plant has actually been found to be more than ten times better at repelling mosquitoes than DEET. Planting this plant near your patio or deck will help repel mosquitoes.


This garden herb also has an oil that repels mosquitoes. While they are attractive plants that both repel mosquitoes and can add interest to your cooking, they are truly tropical plants that are not hardy in cold climates. You can, however, grow rosemary in a pot and take it inside in the winter.


Marigolds have a particular smell that many insects and humans find objectionable. They are a good plant for repelling mosquitoes as well as insects that can attack vegetable plants and aphids. Marigolds are annuals with bright flowers that range from lemon yellow to dark oranges and reds.

Mosquito Plants

There are actually plants on the market that are simply called Mosquito plants. They are advertised as a plant that repels mosquitoes. There are different schools of thoughts on these plants. Some say they do nothing to repel mosquitoes, while other swear by them. More often than not, you can only find them through mail order and internet sales.

While all these plants repel mosquitoes in your yard, you can also make all-natural mosquito repellent from them. Simply crush the leaves or flowers to release the oils and put them in a quantity of alcohol or vodka. Once the mosquito repellent oils have infused the liquid, you can use it just as you would one of the more harmful chemical repellents.

Planting these plants that repel mosquitoes is a great choice for your yard. Not only is it an earth-friendly way of dealing with these pests, it will add beauty to your gardens, and will not jeopardize your health. These five plants that repel mosquitoes are great choices.

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  1. Useful. We use marigolds outside the kitchen window to deter ordinary house flies too! It is seldom warm enough here in UK for mosquitoes.

  2. Almost all of these plants contain a chemical known as a “pyrethrin.” ( I don’t know if I have the correct spelling).

  3. You forgot one: Peppermint oil which has been used forever to repel mosquitoes!

  4. Is there a plant that will repell my ex-wife?

  5. Great article, but it would have been sooo much better if there were pictures of the plants.

  6. Kegger– your solution is not a Plant. You are exuding an attractant smell only females can detect– le Eau de Money. You have to get rid of it. You must douse yourself and your environs with le essence de Poverty. This usually works.

  7. Pyrethrin is a natural pesticide derived from a limited species set of chrysanthemum.

    While these plants do exhibit some limited repellency of mosquitoes, you have to physically damage the plant to release the compounds. Just planting or having the plants nearby will do little. As an example, I have marigolds surrounding my garden and they make an excellent harborage during the heat of the day for mosquitoes.

    The best ways to prevent problems from mosquitoes is to first and foremost elimiate all standing water in and around your property. Even a candy wrapper can hold enough water to produce mosquitoes. If you have water features, use bti mosquito dunks which is a naturally occuring bacterium that attacks mosquitoes in their larval state when they feed on the crystals. Avoid 30 minutes before and after dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are at their most active. If you must be outdoors, where light colored clothing as mosquitoes are more attracted to dark clothing. This is due to the greater heat signature dark clothing provides. Also wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. Keep grasses and bushes trimmed down to reduce daytime harborages. If you wisj to spray, there are liquid natural pyrethrin products available for the homeowner,

    Just a bit of know how from my 20 years of running a mosquito abatement program.

  8. hi

  9. “However, the oil from this plant [catnip] has actually been found to be more than ten times better at repelling mosquitoes than DEET.”

    Um, what’s the source for this pretty dramatic claim? For the record, I not fond of spraying DEET on my body, but I don’t like misty & murky junk science on my mind either.

    Otherwise, thanks for getting people to think about alternatives to pesticides.

  10. Would be great if you post a sample photo of the plants so it’s easier to identify for a novice like myself

  11. I understand that pyrethrum is very harmful to cats. True?

    Though you mention that rosemary is a tropical plant, I grow rosemary year-round in my zone 6-B garden 7 miles South of Philadelphia, PA. One year when we had an especially wicked wind and subzero temperature, my large plant at the bottom of a hill (where temperatures are coldest) died. So the next summer I started a new one, in a better position.

    Thanks for this helpful post!

  12. Mosquito plant IS citronella in most cases. Good bug repellant plants for mosquitoes are mint, orange peel, and garlic. They are most effective crushed and rubbed on the skin. Orange peel and garlic will also repel most household pest insects such as ants and roaches. catnip, by the way, is a variety of mint as one can observe by the square stem.

  13. The article has some good content; however, the writer’s style is lousy.

  14. Check out some of the online herb gardens for info. Some varieties of rosemary are hardier than others.

  15. Hey, Guy and Dolls: The article does have great food for thought – and some great comments follow: But who are we to be critical of the writer’s “style.” Is she trying out for the New Yorker?

  16. Kegger, GET A LIFE.
    Thanks for these imputs.

  17. for the ex-wife, belladona.

  18. I’ve heard that basil is a natural mosquito repellant also. We have a large pot on our deck and will plant more just for this purpose. It’s quite fragrent and you always have fresh basil for all your cooking needs.

  19. Rosemary isn’t a tropical plant, it’s a Mediterranean one. It isn’t cold-tolerant but it is highly drought-tolerant, unlike many tropical plants.

  20. Thanks for this very useful article. And some very helpful comments too! We have eucalyptus oil here at home that I use to prevent colic in my baby, and I’m glad to know it helps repel mosquitoes also. In case I find these plants – yes, pictures would have been nice – I wouldn’t mind having to crush some of their leaves now and then if that’s what it takes to keep away the little buggers.

  21. Actually, Rosemary is NOT a “Tropical” planet. It handles well in colder climates. I live up Northwest and rosemary is indeed abundant. Wikipedia really shouldn’t be your ONLY basis in research, pal.

  22. God;
    Actually, Rosemary is not a planet at all.
    Apparently, you should be doing some more research as well, buddy.

  23. I hope everyone who comes here reads all the comments so they can be better informed. I wrote the article in about ten minutes and slapped it up here just like the other hundred or so I have posted. Style be damned, I’m making money to feed my kids ;) I save my style for serious work.

  24. I hate to be a troll, but this article has very little in the area of ‘practical’ or ’scientific’ value. But lets dump science for now and go with practical.

    First of all, as so many before me have pointed out, Rosemary can survive and thrive in almost ANY clime. It is a bit difficult to propagate for the most part, and seems to do best by getting green cuttings from the growing end, and simply stuck into the dirt. I have tried a number of things including rooting hormone, and the one thing that works the best is cutting them and sticking them in peat. I live in Arkansas, and while it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in the more northern areas, we do experience many days of sub-freezing temperatures. Anywhere from 15-30 degrees. My Rosemary has been doing great so far. 2 years now.

    In addition the ‘Mosquito Plant’ is an African Geranium which has been genetically altered by the insertion of the gene to produce Citronella. This gene was taken from the actual Citronella or Lemon Grass of China (Cymbopogon nardus). But here is the kicker for mosquitos. There is no such thing as Mosquito ‘repellent’. Maybe mosquito confuser is a more appropriate term. Mosquitos key in on carbon dioxide signatures of warm-blooded creatures, namely mammals. Humans have a CO2 signature of their own and mosquitos love them best. No hair or hide to get through, blood is close to the surface of the skin. Citronellal or citronellol sprayed and misted into the air confuses the mosquitos because it interferes with their ability to ’smell’ CO2. By taking the leaves of the Mosquito plant, or citronella grass, or catnip, you can crush up a handful rub it on your body and confuses the mozzies. I personally have tested this theory, while shopping at a local nursery, I was getting blitzed by the little buggers. I saw some catnip on the shelf pinched of several leaves, crushed them up and rubbed them on my affected parts. I didn’t have another bite the rest of the afternoon.

    Mosquito Plant, being a genetically altered hybrid can be found ANYWHERE, I just bought some the other day at my local nursery. I live in a very, very, very rural part of Arkansas, and we don’t get alot of fancy schmancy plants like they do on the coasts, so if WE can get it, I am pretty sure you can get it other places as well.

    Lastly, Lemon Balm has been said to ‘repel’ mosquitos as well when crushed and rubbed over the body. It also has many other great medicinal uses, such as providing a nice tea to have just before bed. I’m not saying it cures cancer or any of that strange crap, but it’s soothing to have a nice, lemony, soothing tea before bed.

    I hope this isn’t taken as an attack on anyone, but rather a small bit of information I have accumulated about this 20-year old debate. Mosquito’s will always find you in the end! ;)

  25. I have a correction to make in my earlier post. After some additional research there is another plant that bears the title, ‘Mosquito Plant’. The one most commonly found in nurseries is as stated in my earlier post, however there is another called Agastache cana, Agastache goes by the common name Hyssop, not to be confused with Anise Hyssop which is a different herb. Agastache is also called hummingbird plant. The common name vs scientific name can cause alot of problems when trying to research the real deal.

    Good luck all.

  26. What kind of house plants repel roaches/

  27. how to repel flies? they keep attacking me at work…

    i might get a bug zapper instead..

  28. some one plz tell me which herbal plants r used for inse ct repellant

  29. wow…lots of useful info here…thankyou everyone…im the type of person that can be at a bbq with 50 other people and am the only one being bitten by mosquito’s….its so annoying to have to wear a repellent everywhere…i did hear somewhere that if you take vitamin b regularly that it will change the composition of your blood and make it unattractive to mosquito’s…i dont know if there is any truth in that.
    When i was a child we used to mix vinegar and vegetable oil together and rub it all over ourselves…this stopped all biting insects from coming near us…unfortunately it stunk to high heaven and kept our friends away as well.

  30. Has anyone heard of using Lavender Bushes to repell mosquitoes? I live in Spain where the lavender is stronger scented than others I know – but don’t want to go mad and plant Lavender everywhere if it’s not going to help!

  31. I found organic plant and herb soap to wash with called “shoo fly
    “. It contains most of the plants mentioned in this blog and smells nice. It does not leave a residue and seems to work to repel mosquitos.

  32. ummm, the catnip does not work, not only did I wake up this morning with 5 new bites, when I went to water my 4 big catnip plants the mosquitoes were swarmed in the foliage!

  33. We translated this articles in

  34. howdym i live in the adelaide hills (australia)my house is 20m from dams and im on rain water etc my 6mth old baby has been bitten over and over dispite using the oils dressing him im full body clothing including a beanie covering his sleeping area with mosie nets and blankets, having bug zapers, i know that mosies hone in on our co2 signature, but are they able to navigate obsticles to find tiny gaps in our defences, this is becoming a major problem as doctors are now saying he is starting to become allergic to the bites which now swell up, and there is a bad disease that killed 6 kids 20 yrs ago reported only 200km away,any info would be great cheers.

  35. thanks for all the info. it was more than i thought i would find.

  36. Here is a pic of the Citrosa Geranium – Mosquito Plan

  37. I am very allergic to the mosquitoe bite – since childhood. Now 54 yrs old, I have been blessed to find a device that I clip to my body whenever i go out (live in MS, just moved from GA) for a walk or picnic…WORKS LIKE A CHARM! It puts off the sound (to the little buggers) of a dragon fly. I PROMISE YOU, this works! I was deadly ill with bites that turned to swollen sores that ozzed pus (smelling?) and where ever the pus ran, a new sore was created. I hated visiting my grandmother in the summers (MS) because I would be the only one, of my cousins, that would return home (to WI) with ugly sores (that are still nasty scars, to this day). It was called infantigo (spelling) and only seemed to pleague African American children.

  38. Hi Ladydi27 and all. Thanks for all the great info.
    Can you post the name/brand of the clip on mosquito device and where it might be purchased? I am allergic to most chemicals after deadly chemical exposure that damaged my memory, nerves and energy and can surely use the dragon fly sound similator. Blessings.

  39. Does anyone know why “all of a sudden” the mosquito rejects me?
    All of my life, they attacked me; it seemed like it was ONLY ME THEY WANTED in a crowd. But for the last 10 years, since I became a diabetic, they have left me alone. Could it be the medicine, or could it be the decrease in sugar? I am not by any means “sugar free”,and don’t know how that would affect the CO2.
    It just seems odd that they no longer bother me…I am happy about this, but remain puzzled.

  40. Answer for #5 TRY COW MANURE!!!! IT WOULD WORK FOR ME.

  41. IS any of these plants harmful to animals or birds?

  42. Listerine works to repel mosquitoes. Spray it on the lawn around your yard. I don\\\’t know if you can spray it on your skin or not but I know it repels them and it also kills on contact.

  43. I have not tried any of the above tricks listed above, but I have started using Burt’s Bee’s herbal insect repellent. It has castor oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil, clove oil, and geranium oil (basically everything you could try). The spray works like a charm for me and smells very pleasant. You can also find Burt’s Bee’s products almost anywhere.

  44. To answer #39 question. If you were just diagnosed, this usually means it’s not quite under control yet and your body has built up an acid base, which smells like ammonia. When your blood glucose level is too high, have someone smell your breath or use your hand over your mouth and nose to test it yourself and then you’ll see, but I don’t recommend letting your glucose level get too high. The ammonia smell omits through the pores of your skin and repels mosquito’s quite effectively.

  45. Long ago I noticed that when I ate garlic ladened foods the mosquitos stayed away from me. I feel the oder emitted through my pours detered them. Then when I became disabled and my system weakend and had to take garlic tablets to help keep infection, etc. away, that I never got bitten even when others around me where being eaten up by those little vampires!!!! There is a plant called “Society Garlic” that smells and tastes like garlic; yet milder. I used to have them planted for the flowers to add to salads for a mild and fresh garlic flavor. I also would chop up and pound the stems and let them simmer in butter for a mild garlic butter(strain the butter to get the stems out before using because the stems are a bit tough and have an unplesant texture). The flowers can be sprinkled on a meal dish that has garlic in it just before serving to give visual beauty and that fresh mild added garlic flavor as one chews it with their food. Now I am going to have to find some for me to plant where I am living now!!! I don’t cook as much as before and maybe having them around to munch on will be good for my ole’ body and my soul!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the stimuli!!! and all of the god information!!!

  46. grew catnip and basil and the skeeters just loved it

  47. i have mosquito nets on every window and door but as soon as night falls i kill dozens.. i too would like to try that infantigo.. mentioned by ladyd 27 i googled it but nothing anyone got sdetails

  48. It has to be the catnip oil, nepetalactone. That is what researchers have found 10 times more effective that DEET, which is slightly misleading since what they found was that you needed 10x the DEET to get the same effect as catnip oil.

  49. To julia atinkum turkey:
    “Infantigo” is Not a type of repelent! It is a skin disorder/rash that can be contageous and very uncomfortable. Hope this helps you understand a little better! I know they do sell the electronic repellers on I’m sure they probably have them elsewhere, but I have personally found them on eBay. Hope this helps! God Bless!! :)


    Has anyone tried this? I would love to know if it works.

  51. The information in this article is misleading at best and shows the 5 minutes worth of research done. If you arent going to put in the time to do proper research, please stop writing these.

  52. 2Joleen2…

    Julia was not saying Infantigo was a repellant..
    If you read the post he was talking about the skin reaction.

  53. ola

  54. Does anyone know if any of these plants will keep away wasps? Or do you know of any kind that will keep wasps away from your yard? They are horrible around here…can barely go outdoors and they attack!!!

  55. Like Rob, I’ve also heard that Lemon Balm repels mosquitoes. It has very high levels of citronellal in its leaves. Which is the same stuff in Citronella candles.

  56. This plant won\’t hurt a fly but…
    I thought your young gardeners would enjoy an gardening adventure, growing the TickleMe Plant (Mimosa pudica). Recently featured by the National Gardening Association,
    If you want to give your young gardeners an experience they will never forget, consider having them grow a TickleMe Plant. This is the plant that will close its leaves and lower its branches when you tickle it. They sprout in days and can be grown indoors any time of year. Just Google TickleMe Plants or go to for information seeds and growing kits. This plant has turned many kids into plant and nature lovers. I know, because I grow TickleMe Plants in my classroom.
    Happy Growing

  57. First of all, does no one have anything better to do than attack the writer? If you don’t like it, don’t read the whole thing and all 50 of the comments afterward.

    All of the plants mentioned actually do work. A few more that work are peppermint, jasmine, lavender, thyme, lemon and garlic.

    Many of these do not work to the full effect unless the leaves or flowers are damaged somehow, and no one wants to hurt their plants. Occasionally you can rip a leaf off and crush it up and that should do the trick. I would also recommend that when you go to trim your plant, or if you need to remove any drying out leaves, etc., remove them and place them back into the pot with the plant. Not only will this biodegrade and be good for the plant, but the oils released from the crushed leaves will repel the buggers.

    Really if you have any sort of herb garden skeeters shouldn’t be a problem.

    And many types of common rosemary are tropical in nature. A lot of these can survive through semi-cold winters, as well as hot summers. They can deal with a lot of water or very little. They are a pretty strong plant once they get growing strong. The key here is that they like growing places within a few hundred miles of the coast, because they like the moisture in the air. So for those of you in philadelphia, etc. are still in an ok area.

    The mosquito plants can actually work, if you get a real one. There are several companies now marketing them, but many of these are frauds. This also depends on where you live, because different species of mosquitoes are repelled by and attracted to different things.

  58. This is hilarious – I am glad that someone pointed out to God that rosemary is not a planet, much less a tropical one – but I will say that I live in South Texas and rosemary is the most robust plant that I have ever dealt with. Granted we don’t get many cold spells around here but I will say that there is rosemary growing abundantly everywhere (both maintained and unmaintained) and even through some of our harder freezes (you know, the ones every 5 years or so) they all seem to survive. It must be the miracle plant – you don’t have to water it, or shelter it from the cold or heat, its incredibly tasty AND it repels mosquitoes – amazing…

    A quick method I use for repelling mosquitoes that works pretty well is just rubbing lime juice on my exposed skin – its not water or sweat resistant, but if you are just enjoying a mojito outside on a nice afternoon – just spare a slice of lime and lather up – and it smells good too!

  59. some of you have nothing better to do.
    we all come here to get answers and all some do are putting others down.
    i’ve taken down a little bit of everyones comments and will try whatever it takes.


  60. I’m desperate for a possible cure for the insidious blood sucking mosquitos. I came to this site in desperate need for a safe alternative bug repellent that’s safe to use indoors. I will try most of these suggestions in the hopes to wake up in the morning without swollen red bits on my face or to be well rested from a full night’s sleep where I wasn’t buzzed in the ear as they’re looking for a landing spot to feed.

    As most who came to this site, they are looking for some relief. Not to be bombarded with plants for kids enjoyment, critiquing the writing style of the author, the debate on rosemary or general hostility. Please keep this in mind before placing a posting.

    If someone knows the name of the dragon fly simulator, I’d greatly appreciate it. I need one that is plugged in so that I may use during sleep.

  61. Did a google search and found the electronic mosquito replleant.

  62. Further research it appears that the electronic repellents may be useless. Found this web site that gives pros and cons of the various methods. It appears that the mosquito traps whilst more expensive are the best option.

  63. Ladydi27 mentioned something called infantigo. Actually its called Impetigo and is a highly contagious skin infection, usually caused by Group A streptococci bacteria, by Staphylococcus aureus, or by a combination of the two. Normally the skin provides a very effective barrier and protects the body from infection. But when the skin is broken, as by a cut or scratch, an insect bite, a burn, bacteria can enter and cause infection. Using an antiseptic soap to guard against recurrence is necessary.


  64. I have the citronella mosquito plant. It works in repelling mosquitoes. I have crushed some of the leaves and put it in a plate and left it im my living room. For the past few nights, we have not been bitten by any mosquitoes.

  65. writer/author/reader,

    will u please or pose a picture of the said mosquito repellant plant so that i can easily recognize them. are these plants available in the philippines? do u know or anyone reading this comment of mine the store and exact address. dont want to happen this to me again (dengue) and to everyone.

    thank you very much and appreciated

  66. once you’re bitten by mosquitos, depriving the welt of oxygen stops the itch. To deprive the welt of oxygen, apply Nu-Skin, nail polish, or any other glue-y sort of adhesive.

  67. Hi everyone i have working in the D.R.C and the Sudan among other places for the last six years. I tried to use the pills like larrium (spelling?) as well as mefliam.They are used on a weekly basis and the side effects are Really dramatic. I have tried the daily pill called doxitab and also did not like the side effects. I have never had malaria even though i sat around fires every single night.I soaped myself up with citronella soap, had a fan in my tent on the whole night and i also brought one of the bug zapper lights. Another good idea is to wear clothing that covers most of your body. If I didn’t get bitten and\or malaria in the darkest parts of africa then wherever you are going you’ll be fine following my steps. I almost forgot you can use those sprays too instead of the lotions i find that they don’t absorb into the skin in extreme tropical conditions. **** By the way, the more than 30 expats that worked with me ALL got malaria and had to do the whole quinine thing.THEY ALL took the medications.****

  68. how about those mosquito repellers sold by home depot and the likes? do they work? There is one in particulare that costs $300 dollars and some have sworn it works. But $300 dollars!?! yikes!!!!

  69. We live in a swamp on a canal…dead end. Last year was the worst in our 14 years here. After looking at the mosquito magnets for several years I finally bought one after mixed reviews from friends. It didn’t help. We had to look at our lovely yard through the windows. The best year was the year we had swarms of dragon flies. Does anyone know what plants attract dragon fliess???

  70. Use it. It works.

  71. As an Alaskan I can also testify that ladybugs do not work either. They just fly to your neighbors year and give you the finger.

  72. thanx for the info. Really helpful.

  73. I know that bats eat mosquitos, but I’m wondering if any of you know how many bats I would need to take up residence in my 1/2 acre yard to make a dent in the mosquito population? Are bats actually attracted to bat houses? Or should I not waste my time/money building a few?

  74. There is a plant called the Catambra, recently “developed” in Italy specifically for deterring/confusing Mosquitoes. I don’t know about availability in the US and if it actually works. Seems rather expensive we are talking $100-200 a medium shrub.

  75. The :Mosquito plant\” thta I am familiar with is actually a castor bean plant that grows extremely large and tall, huge leaves. It\’s a beautiful plant

  76. hehehe just found this little gem amongst all the serious talk.

    #4 by Kegger, Jul 15, 2007
    Is there a plant that will repell my ex-wife?

  77. Sorry Matt, but Kegger is unavailable to reply at the moment. He’s currently recuperating from head injuries. I heard he got hit in the head with a large pot by god knows who. Hehe, Happy days! ;)

    Good post by the way, very informative. And I must admit, I had a good laugh with the comments.


  78. A friend suggested Red Cedar oil spray. I found a safe, organic brand called Cedarcide. They have one type that can be sprayed on vinyl siding and decks which is great for me since mosquitos seem to love hanging out in the nooks and crannies of my porch. I’ll be hosing down the porch with it today. I’m already getten eaten alive by the little suckers and it’s early for them here in coastal Maryland which tells me that they’ll be ferocious come hot weather. Updates to follow.

  79. Best luck I’ve had in Dallas is the garlic oil sprayed with a hose end sprayer. Try to miss your dog…

  80. I have several friends that say the Thermacell devices work very well at repelling mosquitos and other biting insects. They have several versions both that you can where on a belt holster or patio lanterns etc. The pads only last about 4 hours then you have to change them but Ive heard alot of my hunting buddies say they like the portable model. I was thinking of buying one of the patio ones for my backyard. Anyone else tried the Thermacell products??? Just wondering if you guys have had good luck with them?

  81. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned plants or don’t like deet, try using Avon’s Skin So Soft. It really works and nope I’m not an Avon rep.

  82. And Skin So Soft is safe to use, unlike DEET, which my children’s pediatrician advised against (some kids have been known to have seizures after using repellents containing DEET). I’m going to try the garlic spray and lime juice – got attacked like crazy while in my backyard this evening. It doesn’t help that one of my neighbors rarely mows their back yard :( . Keeping your skin covered definitely helps but in North Texas who wants to wear long sleeves and long pants in the humidity of summer?

    Good luck and keep the ideas rolling.


  84. f this post. none of this sht works.

  85. This is for Rob, (and everybody else) if you want to propagate Rosemary simply take the long stems close to the ground and get them buried around the base of the plant until they make roots, then cut from the main plant and replant it, I have one plant in South Africa and my garden now strives with lots of Rosemary, by the way I like to grill or \”braai\” as they say over there with the smell of it, great site

  86. This one is for you little Jonh Henry, son if nothing works is because you confused and maybe you using marihuana (you think that by flying you will catch the mosquitos better)

  87. Agreed on Skin So Soft. My parents have been using it for years and until I read this thread, I just thought my mom was a kook. Not that she isn’t, but these comments confirm everything she’s been telling me for close to a decade now.

  88. Mosquito Plant PICTURE can be found on this website…
    When on this website then enter a product search for “Mosquito Plant”.
    Yesterday I went to Calloway’s Nursery to buy a mosquito plant, they said they should have some more in a few days. =)

  89. hey commentor#4: kegger.. JUST COVER THE HEAD WITH BLANKET THEN HAVE ABIG FART! that’s effective in either way. heheheh

  90. this is for Kegger’s-ex, dear he had reasons to get away from you (but no far enough seems) look how you bash his “roof”, he have all the good reasons to divorce you but he fail to move to other planet (maybe with his new babe)

  91. Hi there,The UN have to do something urgent about the mosquitos in Nigeria,i hope we are not dealing wit something else in the name of mosquitos,the are very combatant and prcise on thier targets and operate in thousands even where there are no pond or marshes.

  92. Great blog post! I love learning about this online as gardening/landscaping are not only hobbies of mine but I actually do a little bit of work like that during the summer months as a second job. I appreciate your content in your blog and wish that you would keep up the good work :)

  93. I work in the medical field and just to let you know “infantigo” is actually spelled impetigo which is a bad infection of sores, ect. It is not a mosquito repellant. Hope this helps.

  94. Louisiana the mosquito’s pick the pots up and carry them off then comes back and eats you

  95. Other plants:


  96. Something i found interesting for repelling mosquitoes: vanilla.

    I had read in a “mother Earth News” years ago that vanilla helped to repell mosquitoes. So I tried it out. 1/4 C vanilla to 1 cup of water. Not only did it prevent mosquitoes from finding me as easy it helped to stop the nasty itching of the previous bites.

    Where I lived at the time it was darn near impossible to go horseback ridding for the swarms of mosquitoes. I am not kidding after about ten minutes of riding the mosquitoes would attack my horse so bad it was nothing to kill 20- 50 mosquitoes with one swat to my horses neck. I started spraying my horse witht he vanilla mixture and could ride through the swarms and only have a few land and have lunch on my horse.

    Just thought I would metion it as vanilla is a pleasing scent and not that expensive to use. Even the imitation vanilla works.

  97. you can buy mosquito plants in most garden centers in Ontario Canada. they work well and have a nice aroma.

  98. I read somewhere that spraying the perimtier of your patio with listeine anit-septic mouthwash would repel flies and mosquitoes. Has anyone tried this?

  99. You forgot one thing: It’s only the female mosquitos that are ‘horrible’. The males don’t drink blood. They drink nector. In fact, the male of the species help to polinate your garden.

    The best thing to do is to never keep still water. If you have a pet’s water dish outside, change it at least twice a day. It not only attracts mosquitos but it also causes heartworms if your beloved pets drink the water.

    Also to help keep them out of the house we usually just put a citronella plant on either side of the doors leading in and out of the house. Does wonders if you put a few around your patio or where ever you like to spend your time outside if you keep them healthy.

  100. I used concentrated garlic juice in my yard last year and was surprised by the effectiveness. I`m very skeptical about such things and am a mosquito magnet extraordinaire. The difference was pronounced enough for me to fork over $50 for another bottle this season. Here in Montreal, they`re worse than ever this season.

  101. Hi Josephus!

    What do you mean when you said “I used concentrated garlic juice in my yard”? Did you spray?

  102. OMg!!! This is hehe he’larious…Thanks for the laughs!!! :)

  103. Has anyone used Mosquito Killing System from Arctic?
    Or know how well it works?

  104. Hello,
    I need help with mosquitoe’s! I am doing research to find something/things that will help with mosquitoe’s. So far what I’ve found is of course about the plants a person can plant in the yard or in pots (mint, rosemary, catnip, etc). I have one water fountain in the yard & keep a chlorine tablet in it (I was told this would prevent mosquitoe’s). I love to sit outside but cannot stand being eaten alive. I am very sensitive to a lot of things, including bug bites (deathly allergic to wasps) so it is miserable & I have stopped sitting outside. Please let me know what my best options are. The herbs of course sound wonderful because they are actually functional as herbs but I am wondering if they really work. The commercial bug sprays cause a rash so I’m at a loss. I would apreciate any advice you can give.

  105. Hi all. I too have a terrible time with bites and I swell into horrible welts that last for two days sometimes. I live on 2 acres of mostly natural “woods” (long grass and scrub oaks as far as the eye can see) and so do about 10 miles worth of neighbors. I appreciate everyone’s comments and the writer for starting up such a productive line of discussion. As for itching….I have found that a dab of bleach on the area BEFORE you scratch it will take the itch out of any bite especially fire ants.

  106. reply to Mike Phillies Fan I also heard listerine would work and tried it with some success for mosquitoes…I was really surprised, but didn’t seem to affect the flies that much

  107. Hi all! While I have no imput on mosquito prevention I have learned that when it’s to late and you’v been bitten, get out your deodorant! Yes it actually has worked for myself and my family. The Anti-Perspirant pulls out the ITCH! It will help prevent the raw spots from itching and it seems better than most itch relieving medicines!

  108. This has worked for me But only for mosquito’s. All the other bugs were still all around.

  109. ahmmmmm

    can acacia senegal repel mosquito????

    please answer me in this mail


  110. I read all the comments and found that there are plants which repell mosquitoes. I have recently experienced one thing, i.e. thre is a plant which repells snakes. I planted it at strategic places in my back yard and found no snakes throught the rainy season when they appear most of the time. It is a plant resembling Aloe vera .( not thick and wide, thorny like aloevera)
    I am of the opinion that God has given us solution for our every problem. It is we that do not look at our surroundings closely. Well thanks for sharing the knowledge on mosquito repellent

  111. that is a misspelling of Impetigo, a skin disease. There is no such thing as infantigo.

  112. Skin So Soft is a little oily to wear around although it smells ok to humans and who has time to bathe in it. This is something that works. Mix the SOS half and half with vinegar (which dilutes the oil and doesn’t smell too bad) It is thin and goes on quickly and not too heavily. The little boogers don’t like it at all. I’ve used straight vinegar in oil but I smell like a salad, so the perfumed oil is more pleasant. After a few weeks, the body must absorb because I don’t get bitten very often and I work in the yard all times of the day. Also, I eat Garlic a lot. And, I put pure cinnamon on my toast with a small amount of molasses. Prunes and molasses contain a lot of iron…and sulfur which most bugs hate. Guess I’m just stinky to mosquitos and proud of it.

  113. Thank you. that was very helpful and easy to understand.

  114. I used to make a insectacide called Kill Quick,the main ingrediant was a pyrethrin extracted from the African Marigold,it was extremely affective against all insects.

    I no longer manufacture the product because the marigold extract became way to expensive to purchase,the cost would have tripled the cost of the $9.00 US dollar can,wich was designed to be used in a wall mounted timed dispenser.

    I have never found another product equal.

  115. Mosquitoes love me, but I have found by mixing a few drops of peppermint, lavender, and Citronella essential oils into by lotion, and applying it before going outside they will leave me alone. For children, only use lavender since peppermint can cause asthma like symptoms in children. Cedarwood essential oil is also good, but it causes irritation in some people. You should be able to find them at any healthfood store.
    Also, I had Impetigo as a child( mom told me to stop scratching those chicken pox marks), and anyone can get it(i’m Caucasian and native American) if they have an open wound.
    Good luck!

  116. Wow! The skin so soft and everything has worked through these years. I have tried everything and anything with a pugent smell, including skin so soft, with an oil base seems to work. What is up with that??????

  117. hahahaha! are you serious? no such thing i think…lol.

  118. i grow rosemary and many people back here no its usefulness. am willing to share the herb with as many people as is it dried to retain its smell and colour.

    liz, kenya

  119. Many of the advices given are very practical, logical and very good. but i figured another way [less practical but yet very radical] to eliminate mosquitoes. Since the female mosquito is attracted by blood, warmth and need stagnant water to reproduce, give them a place [a room for e.g] with such facilities but this place should also be fitted with radioactive material. this will therefore render them sterile and they would no longer be able to reproduce. the female mosquitoes normally have a life span of about 3-4 wks. therefore the problem should be solved in about 1.5 or 2 months.

  120. uuuh tht was more like four or can i not read?

  121. Hi, I am going to move to Nigeria soon with my two children and I am hell worried about malaria and mosquito bites! I concluded from all of the above that smelly herbs and garlics and skin so soft oily cream etc.. are good ways to keep mosies away. but are they effective on children?.. I am really worried and feeling that malaria is a must get disease in Africa! anyone with experience on the Africa thing?
    thanx :)

  122. Rock on dude

  123. Are any of these plants harmful to dogs?

  124. r u frm india?

  125. For all of those people who are from another “planet” this was supposed to be about plants that repel mosquitos… but for your information, we live in Adelaide and Rosemary is a weed here, it grows on the sidewalks and is used as council hedges, so if you like rosemary, move to Adelaide, South Australia. :-)
    Mosquitos are a plenty here when the sun starts to set, and the great Aussie BBQ is a must for outdoors, but we would like to know the best natural way to repel the little buggas please.

  126. if pandan leaves can also repel the mosquito?

  127. ahm..!!! we love our research work!!! log in now!!!

  128. Hi i’m 11 but live in the UK I am starting plants this year (herbs mostly) and I was wandering if you crush the leaves if placing them in boiling water would increase the smell and repel them more I also heard that most orange plants repel flies (I don’t know about mosquitoes I hope I spelt it right) hope that ‘elps

  129. a recent article in our local paper told of a woman who planted a hedge of marguerite daisies along her back fence – the photo showed that the hedge was as tall as her! Her neighbours complained of mozzies from the creek behind their fences, however this woman’s garden was mozzie free. The marguerite daisy contains pyrethrin, a chemical used in many insect repellants.

  130. Ms Marten

    Thank you for your article, it was informative as was many of the comments.

    Rob you are the posterior end of nutria’s alimentary canal.

    Have a Great Day

  131. Hi
    I have been reading this for the last few years now,
    I have found out that Co2 using propane works wonderful and as for bats and there houses we can put up do work they eat there weight in the little buggers. As for all the plants that have been listed here they all do there part and are wonderful to have around.
    Grandma of Arkansas

  132. This is our 3rd day camping and i look like i have the pox already i’ve been bitten by mozzies and midgees. 2hrs ago smeared melted lemongrass soy candle all over my feet and hands and heven’t been eaten yet, and god it smells awesome.

  133. I live in Richmond, VA. The worst thing for me is having 2 dogs bring the little mosquitoes into my house. The mosquitoes latch on to my dogs and get a free ride in, then they attack me. I read somewhere that you can put a lavender scented dryer sheet around your dog’s collar and it will help deter the pests, but it doesn’t seem to make a big difference for me. Anyone else have a problem with your pets bringing the mosquitoes into your home? Any suggestions?

    Fascinating reading! I appreciate everyone’s comments, regardless of your scientific background or knowledge!


  134. I am not African American and I got infantigo every summer from mosquito bites. As an adult, mosquitos literally eat my son and myself up, but my husband and daughter will maybe have 1 bite. Is there a difference in our chemical make-ups that cause this.

  135. It is impetigo – this si the old name for it now they call is staph

  136. Ryse Afrika Company in Nigeria has an anti malaria soap that works well. all herbal!

  137. Washing with carbolic soap is my favorite way to keep the mosquitoes off me. its an antiseptic/astringinty type of soap but i use it as a repellent. i use it on my whole body about every other day and use it whenever i wash my hands (don’t forget to soap your arms). at most i get about 10 bites over the course of the year. it’s a must have item for camping!

  138. yes its called the Kasmira bush

  139. venus fly trap…..jj

  140. Rub inside of a banana peel soon after mos bite to prevent itching and inflamation. Do not wash for at least 1/2 hr. Cut and freeze peels for anytime use.

  141. Wow how many people kept saying” Hey she said Rosemary was a tropical plant”. If you were one of them please be sure to re-read. She said Citronella grass was a tropical plant…lol

    Sorry just had to say something since there were soo many post reiterating the wrong thing :-)

    Mel thank you for the information you provided :-)

  142. Live in DE. Already tore up w/mosquito bites. Going to Lowes in am to buy some of the plants mentioned and to buy some Burt’s Bee products, TY all for your suggestions.

  143. Actually Rosemary is quite cold tolerant. We have a Rosemary “bush” that was planted 5 years ago when it was only 6 inches tall. Now it’s 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, the main root is 2 1/2 inches in diameter, and it is able to withstand NYC winters. It all depends on nature AND nurture.
    But I would have to agree with some other posters who said that those plants won’t do diddly unless their natural oils are released in some way.

  144. I have heard that Neem Oil works like a charm, but have not tried it yet. I have recently switched to soaps and shampoos that have repellant oils in them [rosemary, tee tree, peppermint, etc] and it seems to be helping.

    We tried the Off! Clip-On Fan Circulated Repellant, and it didn’t work. So don’t even be tempted. We returned them to Home Depot.

  145. I have used “mosquitoe plants” for years! They are actually a scented geranium and the leaves smell like citronella when rubbed or you brush your hand through them. When there is a breeze, you can also smell them. They are not hardy, however, so living in Michigan means you have to bring them in for the winter. It is extremely easy to start cuttings, so start with a few healthy plants and get cuttings going all over the place early in the spring, after danger of frost has passed. When we are working or enjoying the out of doors, we simply go to a plant, pick a few leaves and rub on exposed skin.

  146. Hi,

    I just moved into a house near a river in southern New York and didn ‘t think we would have problems with mosquitos, but last week I swelled up badly after getting bitten. With 2 children and 1 on the way, I am concerned about getting rid of these pests. All the remedies on here sound good, and I have plenty of room to plant all of them (depending sun requirements and moisture), but I ‘ve heard of another that wasn ‘t mentioned………creeping thyme.

    Anyone ever tried it out?

  147. It\’s called divorce

  148. To Maria dated Aug. 26th

    I have found that even though mud dobbers look like wasps they do not seem agressive and have never bitten me, and for some reason when they are around the wasp stay out of the area. I think they also eat mosquitoes. Good luck

  149. To Lucy Frank,

    I love Cain & Able Dog products for both me and my dog. They use natural citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, green tea, lime, etc. in a lot of their products. I even use their between bath spritz on my wrists and ancles to keep them from bitting me too. I will warn you though that too much of it can make your dogs coat oily, so I spray it on my hands and then rub it under my dogs underarms and then quick rub around the ears.
    Good luck!

  150. lemon peels work well, so maybe a lemon tree would be good, huh?

  151. Thankyou i have found this useful :) and recommend it :) :)

  152. live in the tropics, Uganda to be precise, I want to agree that this is an extremely useful information, but some pictures would have enhanced our understanding of these wonderful plants.

  153. This is a very attractive segment, gave me a lot of help, thank you for sharing, hope you can update more and better stories.
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  154. I have a real problem with W.A.S.P.s too. ;)

  155. what about eucalyptus and lemon grass :)

  156. can plants repel zombies?

  157. Can you tell me the name of this device?

  158. Thanks that was all very useful. think I will go for the Burts Bees repellant.
    You would think by now sombody may have invented a tablet that you can take to repell mosquitos – or even mix something suitable in with the anti maleria tablets – they cost enough!!


  160. The mosquito plant looks fascinating, it’s fragrance is mesmerizing when u sprinkle it with water,don’t know it is safe,especially near babies and the very young

  161. The mosquito plant looks fascinating, it\’s fragrance is mesmerizing when u sprinkle it with water,don\’t know it is safe,especially near babies and the very young

  162. Ive heard that the plant geranium repels mozzies too, but its not stated here? And i searched the net they dont seem to giving me the info too.. I went on this trail and the guide told me that.. So.. Any help guys?

  163. Oh hi cherall. Cool name u have there, yea ppl? Anws, yea, my fren keeps the plant at home n she says it does repel mozzies. Yeah.. Feel free to correct me or add on to anyth!

  164. I have a geranium citronella plant, thought I’d try it out this year. It smells wonderfull however it is true that you have to damage the plant to really see its repellent released. I hope it works, but even if it doesnt it is really quite pretty anyway :)

  165. My previous statement was to the idiot who calls itself “awesome person the best”. That moron is a poster child for abortion!

  166. lester may 2011

    Thanks for all of the infromation. I will plant rosemary around my yard. I’m going to try to put my dogs collar in lime juice first to see if she likes the smell and better if it repells mosquitos. I have tried to put a drier sheet on her collar and that works to. My dog is a husky and loves to be outside so if any one has any other ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. For all of you dog owners yes I bring her indoors on peek hours of mosquitos but she hates to be in.

  167. Try Yard Guard !!!

  168. but how to make mosquito trap

  169. excuse me!!! just wanted to change topic….this is not related about mosquitos….but i just want to ask…is it possible to change the smell of coconut to another smell of flower???

  170. DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide)
    thats it ok.

  171. wala naman akong makitang sagot nakakaaduwa naman pa help naman po inis na inis na ko..

  172. Nebraskamossiehunter,
    The africian mosquitoes is active all day. Not just at dawn and dusk. They are really bad here in Maryland and now they’ re migrating into Pa. I really hate those things. I kept bug spray on the front porch (the family kind from Off) The mosquitoes from h*** were all over it. What does that tell you. Hope these plants work. I will be plant them in the flowerbeds.

  173. If you live in an area were you are bothered by misquitos, you should know that the misquito magnet DOES work! Like magic!
    And for anyone interested in methods of gardening that are NOT harmful to the environment (or your family) I suggest; for lots of great info!

  174. My husband has found the extra B vitamin to be true. He gets it by using brewers yeast sprinkled on his food (from popcorn to veggies to pasta) I personally dont care for the taste of brewers yeast, I can be eaten alive and he wont have any bites at all… if its because of the extra B vitamin or not who’s to say. I know that it does work well for repelling fleas as well. I had a mama cat that got infested but couldnt treat her because the babies were to small. Sprinkled brewers yeast on her food and within a few days the fleas were gone off of her and her babies!

  175. Curious if those bites that swelled up and oozed, were chigger bites.

  176. Apparently, there is a citronella plant, as well as the grass. It has pretty flowers, too, and is less invasive (doesn’t spread like weeds) like the grass will. Only 3 feet tall max, but keep in mind, the size of the pot you put any plant in will dictate how big it gets (just like a fish and it’s fish bowl!).

  177. I have heard that putting bay leaves around and cedar ‘repels’ roaches (I use quotes here because the infestation isn’t ever really gone, they just avoid that spot in the house or stay in the walls). Here is a good article with other natural ‘repellants.’

    In any case, you have to approach roaches as if they are crazy cyborgs from outer space, because they are REALLY hard to kill and even harder to keep out if you live somewhere they love to be. First, you have to completely cream the infestation (you’ll have to have the house bombed professionally) and you must keep your dwelling clean and free of anything a roach might want to eat. This means taking steps that are kind of weird to other people, like ziplocking or jarring your cereal. You must clean out any clutter you have (if you have a junk collection in the closet, it’s time to get rid of it). You have to clean up after yourself as you go, which means no more dirty dishes sitting in the sink, no crumbs on the counter, and no toaster crumb droppings to access (you can probably buy a zippered back for your toaster to help keep roaches out of your toaster). Most importantly, you MUST seal off any leaky faucets and other places where a roach can get access to water, drying the sink/tub after you use it, and putting a stopper into the drain (there is a reason roaches like kitchens and bathrooms). That step is really important. A dehumidifier might be a good purchase if you live somewhere moist, or just to absorb some of the steaminess in the bathroom after a shower (which will deposit water droplets on the floor and walls where a roach can get). Putting down roach hotels help if any sneak in from the neighbors’ houses (if you have them, so do your neighbors, undoubtedly). I hear putting boric acid powder in places where they can get in (like cracks) and then sealing those with putty/culk will help, but I can imagine that it must be highly toxic. Vacuum like crazy, especially in cracks and places where there is an obvious infestation. They have this thing for roach poop.

  178. The Dryer Bar actually originated years ago in professional laundering, for example, in hotels or other places where big amounts of laundry are done daily. It wasn’t until recently that the bar was manufactured for private use. Now you can freshen load after load and make you laundry experience that much more convenient.

    Another product that Bounce offers is their new Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller. It does a two-fold job. Not only can you rub it all over your clothes and get a pleasant freshly cleaned smell, but it will pick up the lint already on your clothes and help repel any new lint you may come into contact with. Naturally they also have a couple of scents for one to choose from too. They are Outdoor Fresh Scent and Fresh Linen Scent. Sensational! What will they come up with next?

  179. Discover a whole new way to save money on Dawn by taking advantage of special offers and Dawn dishwashing liquid coupons. You know how it goes…you’ve got stuck on grease from those left over pots and pans from last night’s dinner. You notice a stain on your favorite shirt. When this is how it’s going, you know it is time for Dawn. Dawn dishwashing liquid’s strong formula fights tough grease and wins. Plus Dawn it’s not just for dishes anymore. With Dawn dishwashing liquid ingredients you can do much more than simply clean your dishes.

  180. Now I know that there is more use to rosemary that is not culinary related.
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  181. its sources is authentic and reliable!

  182. you can know if into yourself will try……advise me if ever….

  183. I live in louisanna by a river the sketters are out early this year and they are hungry even during the day. I came home from work today and found them swarming around the front door! Deet works for sure. I will be planting rosemary all over my yard (I don’t care what type of plant it is). I will also try spraying listerine around my deck and on my self. I will start making my husband change the water in the fountain every week. Chlorine tablets do not repel sketters from pools or fountains. I may also plant lemon grass and if its an aggresive plant that would be ok I have places in my yard were grass refuses to grow, maybe lemon grass will grow.
    I read on another site that fine fescue lawn grass often comes in bags mixxed with kentucky bluegrass.aka shade grass and the fescue gass will also repel sketters anyone know if there is any truth in that.

  184. Living in Florida, we battle mosquitoes constantly. I was surprised to read in your article that catnip is good to keep them at bay. I give my cats tons of catnip, and always have the dried herb on-hand. I think I will boil some catnip tea and spray it around my porch, where the mosquitoes like to hang out. Thanks for your well-written article. Here is one of mine you might find interesting:

  185. I am happy to find these suggestions as i just was bit on the toe while reading! I live in Texas and have seen the mosquito plant at Home Depot…glad to know they work. Definitely will go back and get a couple.
    To the person asking about the bats…not sure if you were serious but try an entomologist in the Austin, TX area. The bats get so thick they show up on the weather radar.

  186. I agree about the damaging the plant to make it work, but what women doesn’t like live fresh picked flowers in her house….cut the flowers before they die and freshen up your house and make it mosquito free. Bird houses and suet feeders that attract birds that eat mosquitoes is a good way to keep the mosquito population down to. All the above mentioned thyme genus of plants work great because if you use fresh herbs in your cooking that damages the plant, bee balm, lemon balm are all mosquito repellents and an added advantage…deer repellent as well.
    I don’t know what kind of rosemary the others that commented on rosemary being a tropical plant, there are many hardy types that do well in the Rocky Mountains and come back bigger and hardier every year…just sayin. This has been a wonderful forum with lots of interesting and new information on them buggers

  187. Bats work well and they work at eating bugs all night long, I lived at a lake and the bats and swallows were constantly eating the flying bugs. I didn’t get a mosquito bite in 9 years at the lake.

  188. I find flame-throwers are pretty good.

  189. Here is a science article that backs up the claim of Catnip beingmore powerful than DEET

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