Five Natural Ways to Deter Spiders

Arachnophobic or just not fond of the creepy critters? Here’s five ways to stop spiders invading your home.

Lemon or lemon-grass essential oils

Just like with the conkers, spiders hate the smell of strong essential oils. Lemon r lemongrass works best although if you can get hold of these most essential oils with a particularly strong scent should help too. Use in an oil vaporiser or dap around windows.

Washing detergent

Spiders taste with their feet, and they – and other insects – hate the taste of soap. Spray some detergent around windows, doorways and other holes and crevices to stop the critters coming in.


Conkers contain a chemical, the scent of which spiders can’t stand.  Collect some of the fallen conkers this autumn and keep them in bowls in each room of the house. They

Keeping your house dust free

Spiders love dust and so they will happily build webs and live in dusty areas. To keep spiders out of your room dust surfaces including the ceiling and light shades on a weekly basis.

Osage Hedge Balls

Also referred too as; hedge-apples, monkey balls, Osage orange, mock oranges, horse apples, brain-fruit, and green brain, Osage Hedge Balls are the cauliflower like green fruit of the Osage Orange tree. These fruits have been used for centuries as natural spider deterrents and are traditionally used by simply placing them around the house. The hedge balls fall around August and are only useful for a few months thereafter, but they are worth getting hold of. They seem to work so well in fact that if you don’t have any of the trees near you, you can order the fruits via websites or find them in some supermarkets.

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  1. A couple of spiders left around, out of site out of mind, isn’t such a bad thing either. They’ll keep the housefly population down a little, as will leaving a wasp in the house for a little while before ’shoooooing’ it out again.

    Nicely written. Thank you.


  2. I put conkers on all my window ledges and on the floor by the back and front door and havent seen one since. We were getting big ones every couple of days.
    Now if have annoying flies in the house!

  3. nice!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I am not very fond of insects but have happily lived with them for some time.If there is just a random spider in our house I don’t mind, I know they help with other bugs. However last fall we had some crazy large brown fuzzy ones making nests in our bedroom! We got rid of those and they haven’t poked around since, but a few days ago we had 4 common spiders running around our walls and ceiling in the bedroom right before I went to bed. I wasn’t having any of that…if there were less of them, and if they were acting mellow I would probably have been ok, but these critters were going bananas! I feel like I have to check for spiders each time before I go to bed so finding a natural way to keep them out of my room is a great thing!

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