Fast-Spreading Ground Covers for Less Mowing

Cover hard-to-mow sections of your lawn or yard with a beautiful ground cover. Many varieties are hardy and fast-growing, giving you significant coverage in a short amount of time.

Fast-growing, attractive ground covers can save you extra mowing and weedeating. Placing them in sections where rocks, stumps, or uneven terrain poses a problem can create an attractive landscaped look without extra mowing.


Thick patches of clover form a heavy ground cover even in poor soil. Forming a heavy emerald carpet, clover is fast-growing, hardy, and easy to mow, trim, or weed by hand. The beautiful color is almost startling, forming a rich, lush ground cover in hard-to-mow areas.

Red Seedum

A popular choices for ground covers, red seedum is fast-growing and low to the ground. Twisty stems and small curved leaves are accompanied by seasonal red blooms that create an attractive ground carpet.


This dark green vine grows low to the ground and can cover large sections of your lawn with its tendrils and glossy leaves. Small purple blooms on some varieties are an attractive addition to this ground cover’s benefits.

Moss Roses

This seasonal choice can create a colorful and attractive bed of blossoms spread across a chosen section of your yard. The bright pinks, yellows, and oranges and tiny rose-like blossoms are accompanied by soft green stems and leaves.

Use ground covers to fill rocky or unlandscaped sections or create borders and edges along trees and fences. The additional beauty and minimal maintenance make ground cover a favorite choice for many landscapers and gardeners.

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