Easy Chipmunk Removal

Do you have pesky visitors that you can’t get rid of? Here is an easy way to remove chipmunks.

Chipmunks can be destructive to your foundation, landscape and yards. You may not immediately see the damage because they work underground and inside landscaping construction like a privacy wall. If you are fed up with trying to trap or smoke them out, here is an easy way to remove and kill them. Warning: this is a how to kill chipmunks, don’t read if you aren’t interested.

Using a bucket or tub, fill it with water and then float sunflower seeds on top covering the entire surface of water. Use a plank of wood to create a ramp up to the edge of the bucket. Now create a trail of sunflower seeds on the plank.

Chipmunks will follow the trail and then fall into the bucket where they will drown. Afterwards, you will need to dispose of the chipmunk.

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  1. Does’nt work…. Get a small rodent or Squirrel Trap.

  2. We’ve actually found the opposite. The traps didn’t work and this did. So I guess if you have tried one and are frustrated, try the other technique.

  3. This works great. Two years in a row I have set up my chipper dipper (a 5 gal paint bucket, 1/2 full of water, and a bunch of sun flower seeds, small 1 x 4 x 4 board). Just last wekk they were at it again— not for long. I set up and in 4 hours there were 6 floaters.

  4. I have been trying to get rid of chipmunks for 2 years. I tried this last night… low and behold.. its killing them. Thankyou for such a great idea!!!! Kein… try again, your chipmunks aren’t smarter than mine.

  5. I am devastated because chipmunks ate all fresly planted petunias, I planted over and over again and they are gone, withini two days, including their roots. There was one pink flower sticking out of the chipmunks’ hole, vawing goodby as I watched helplesly. Chipmunks are cute and fast but I like my rock garden and flowers better. Will try teach them how to swimm.

  6. I am devastated because chipmunks ate all fresly planted petunias, I planted over and over again and they are gone, withini two days, including their roots. There was one pink flower sticking out of the chipmunks’ hole, vawing goodby as I watched helplesly. Chipmunks are cute and fast but I like my rock garden and flowers better. Will try teach them how to swimm.

  7. Chipper Dipper and trap test. In first 48 hours, dipper 7, trap 2. Pretty darn effective. Maybe we’ll get some strawberries after all, at least next year.

  8. I did try to teach the local chipmunks (and one mouse) how to swim, but so far in two days eight ‘munks (and one mouse) did not learn to swim. I added the carrion to my compost. Dust to dust.

  9. This works like a charm…I dont even need the plank, my patio is at the level of the bucket….set a trail on the lawn they followed and plop plop plop…ten in two days..

    THANK YOU!!!!

  10. I have tried it with a five gallon bucket with half full of water covered with sunflowerseeds. Within an hour we got two floaters.

  11. I’m going to give the Dipper a try. My question is: do you bait with sunflower seeds in the hull? Seems like those might float better that those without.


  12. Yes, in the hull. The kind that comes in bird seed mix.

  13. LOVE IT! I typically don’t condone violence against God’s little creatures. But chipmunks are a^&holes! They are building a nest in the back corner or our sunroom, conveniently located behind our hottub. The darn things are driving my dog out of his mind! I hate to thank that this is what it has come to…..but we will be doing this probably tomorrow…..RIP little chipmunks.

  14. It took a few weeks, but I finally got three of them! Unfortunately, the ringleader is still at large, but I have harrassed it so much it has become unbelievably skittish and runs for the hills at the mere sight of me.

    Thanks so much for the great idea, Janet!

  15. thank everyone for your comments !
    i am on my way to buy black oil sunflower seeds.
    a 50 pound bag ought to be a good size to start…LOL
    my little critters have chewed through some of my wiring..
    so their un-invited stay must come to an end..Their End….

  16. Got another one yesterday (hopefully the ringleader, but I am not sure since I saw another one in the yard today), but I had to chase off a rather large racoon, who was trying to extricate the carcass from the dunk tank!

  17. Chipmunk removal, we do not have that problem in England

  18. It is 5 a.m. and I was awakened by an annoying little critter running up and down inside my walls. I will be purchasing sunflower seeds as soon as the sun comes up. I am going to go crazy unless I get rid of these annoying little chipmunks. Alvin Simon and Theodore don’t seem so cute anymore!!!!!

  19. The darn things were eating all the seedlings in my garden and greenhouse. This trap works like a charm. Thanks!!

  20. I set up the bucket hoping to catch the nasty little critters that ate all of my bulbs, veggie plantings and have dug numerous tunnels under the stairs and I was so frustrated that I resorted to the “bucket ‘O’ death. The first hour, a squirrel was floating under the seeds, then a few hours later I checked and some larger animal ate all of the sunflower seeds in the bucket, kicked aside the plank and took out the dead squirrel. Don’t know what to do now as the chippies have avoided it, but are now getting at the roots of the tomato plants. Ugh!

  21. Brilliant!! I am a live and let live kinda guy, but after my chipmunks continued to burrow and destroy my three years of work in the patio and garden, I\’d had enough. Set up the bucket at 1PM yesterday, and as of 11AM today, it got 4 chipmunks. This system definitely works for me…not for the faint of heart because cleaning out the bucket is no joy. But I\’d been pushed to the edge, so this is a welcome solution.

  22. This works! Like many others here, my first option was not killing the poor things, but after many attempts at more peacable solutions, I had had enough! The only problem I had at first was that I used a shorter bucket and filled it to within an inch of the top–the chipmunk just sat at the top of the ramp and stuffed his cheeks! I ended up with a 5 gallon pail filled just over 1/2 full, and within 2 hours was down 1 chipmunk. Thanks so much for the economical solution!

  23. How do you dispose of the “floaters”? I too am going to try this, as like so many of you I have had enough with the massive holes and missing flowers all over my yard. Just want to be prepared with what to do with them one they take the bait.

  24. One question, salted or unsalted?

  25. I am going to try this…My 15 year old 20-lb kitty is NOT getting the job done. thanks for this idea. !!

  26. I have to say I was not sure about this approach. However, they are destroying the yard and our new vegetable garden. Bought salted seeds at the local CVS, buried a bucket next to the lettuce they had been eating and got one in 2 days. Looking forward to a full swimming class as the summer progresses.

  27. Tried it a week ago. Water must have been cold. I’m going to try again. No plank to walk. My patio is also level with the bucket . Wish me luck.I’m going insane with these things!!!!!

  28. IT WORKED! 2 of them went chipping dipping since about 8:00 Cleveland time yesterday. We used some old 2×4s that are only about 2 feet long as “ramps” and also put a film of peanut butter down the middle (so the seeds woulnt blow away). Also stuck some seeds “over the edge” at the top of the ramp over the water hoping it would really push them over the edge. Also used 2 ramps for each pail. going to reset tonight and see if we get more. we are thrilled. !!

  29. This works. I got 3 ‘munks in 2 days. Thanks for the info!

  30. got a third yesterday. definitely working.

  31. Got a half dozen the first two days! Works for me. Now I need to figure out how to keep the squirrels out! They can hang on the rim, reach in for the seeds then take off. Any ideas?

  32. The “Chipper Dipper” really works great! Got 2 of the little varmints yesterday, plan on taking out a couple more today. Sunflower seeds are cheap compared to the damage these rascals cause. They seem to prefer the salted variety.

  33. Get yourself a high power bb gun and have some fun with it.
    It really works great. Then mix sand and small stones with water so you can pour it down the holes to fill them in. This took me 40 pounds of sand.

  34. You all are freakin sick! How do u care more about ur pethetic lawns then the life of a chipmunk! They havent done anything to u! How would u feel if ur child drowned or ur cat or dog! Why isnt it the same for a chipmunk! All of u can go to hell!

  35. Got 5 more in the dipper the past 5 days – brings my total to 7. I think I have enough for a swim team now. Got to go buy some more sunflower seeds.

  36. You need to have a bucket high enough so they can\’t jump out. Fill half way. This is a sure way to rid yourself of these pests. I would love to have these cute guys share my garden, but they decided to eat and kill everything in sight. Caught a couple of squirrels to boot. Felt really bad but remembered how I had to take down all of my bird feeders. Don\’t feel so bad anymore.

  37. Thank you for the solution; I’ve let them run around for years; digging around plants, etc, never really bothered me all that much. However, found out Wed that they have built a huge network under my house. Huge problem; and really expensive to stabilize. My house sits on a concrete slab. Gottohell; sorry but you are nieve and an ass to comment without knowledge.

  38. Using a taller, narrow version of a bucket works best. I buy cat litter in buckets this size. If the water isnt just the right height they can jump out, too much or too little. Has to be just the right amount. I put a little seat on a small piece of styrofoam to keep in up and dry – works like charm.

  39. Put a piece of Seran wrap about the diameter of the bucket on top of the water before you put the sunflower seeds in. Keeps them from soaking up the water, and makes a nice wrap for the critter to go in the garbage can.

  40. Read this article Sunday and filled a 5 gal paint bucket 1/2 full with water and covered with sun flower seeds. Placed it next to our Lannon stone wall which we call the chipmunk condo. Went to get a board for a ramp and returned to find my 1st critter swimming in the bucket. Monday morning the chipmunk condo had 2 less residents.
    Thank you!

  41. a little animal is causing 1000’s of dollars in damage to the foundage in our home. I would put shackles on them, stretch them out on a rack and and torture them slowly with a magnifying glass on a bright sunny day if I could.
    You need to relax…
    Do you get suicidal if you step on an ant? sheesh…

  42. Wow this is some of the best advice I have ever gotten. I have tried everything and nothing worked. I asked neighbors, friends and relatives. Since it is such a ticklish subject unless you are troubled by them it is hard to bring up. Thanks and more thanks

  43. Fantastic idea!! Two hours and the critter was gone!!!

  44. What kind of seeds is everyone using? are they with the shell or just the kernels?

  45. couldn’t believe this method. after 4 years of trying i will try anything. did exactly as recommended. 1st day nothing; 2nd day 1 mouse and 1 chipmunk; 3rd day 1 mouse and 1 chipmunk. no more problems except the birds getting all the seeds at times.

  46. my dad just came home from hunting today, My Grandpa’s trucks wires had been chewed by chipmunks so my dad checked his trucks wires. And guess what? they built a nest in his motor… and it caught on fire i would much rather kill the mean chipmunks that loose my dad so hows that for sick?

  47. I just shoot the damn bastards. The efficient way to clean a squirrel hole is to spray and pray. If u think u gotem throw a grenade down there for insurance.

  48. in the shell. Cheap bird feed kind

  49. Works like a champ.
    The only other remedy I tried was time related and worked about 2/3 the time… Fill a gallon milk jug up with water, watch the yard for chipmunks, see what hole one entered, invert the water jug over the hole and as the water empties the chipmunk will enter the jug to get away from the water…. thus captured.
    This published method does not require my time and gets the job done. I did not have sunflower seeds but I used shelled peanuts cut in half to obtain the same result. Thank you for the post.

  50. I got my first berry in 2 years on my beautiful blackberry bushes only to have them both eaten overnight by these little vermin…got goose bumps the night I read about this chipmunk remedy. went to lowes the next day and got 3 buckets and 20lb of seed. that was 1 week ago and so far have had 7 munks and 5 mice try their hand at swimming lessons, no good swimmers yet : )…Thank you so much for posting this awesome idea.

  51. Had a chipmunk that visited the newly planted garden a few times and uprooted freshly planted peppers and cuccumbers.
    Tried two methods:
    First line of defense was two mouse traps with sunflower seed laced peanut butter.
    The second was a 2×4 ramp with sunflower seeds leading to a half filled 5 gal. bucket of water with a layer of sunflower seeds coating the top of the water next to where I planted the cucc’s.
    After two days, nothing. I thought perhaps the chimpunk moved to greener pastures as I hadn’t seen anymore damage to the garden and the traps were undisturbed other than the birds eating a few of the seeds.
    On the third day however I found the two mouse traps sprung and licked clean. I checked the bucket and low and behold, there was the little trouble maker floating just below the seeds.
    I’ll keep the bucket there for another week just in case there are more around.

    Patience. This method works.

  52. Chipmunks are destructive. I tried everything to no avail. Then last summer a friend gave me the answer: Fill a 5 gallon bucket HALF full with water. Then dump enough sunflower seeds in it to cover the surface. Set against a short wall or make a plank up to the rim with a slat – it’s over.

    Live traps are OK, but then you have to take the damn things out of the trap, bury them up to their neck, and run over their heads with the lawnmower. Messy.

  53. The chipper dipper is the best method, check out this video I found:


    10 chipmunks in a few days!

  54. This method is completely predictable and is unbelievably successful. I thought I had a couple of chipmunks popping out and about around my home and deck. After reading this idea a month ago, I now have eliminated thirty chipmunks and nine mice from my premises. I place a dab of peanut butter to my wood plank to hold the seed in place, and I hardly get back in the house before the visitors take their dip. When I see a new hole or something darting out of the corner of my eye, I get the bucket, seed, etc. and the results are immediate. Thanks for the remarkable solution to a problem much bigger than I could have imagined. I appreciate that it is safe around children, other animals and birds.

  55. I had tried everything, but the chippies have eaten and dug their way into the garden in every direction and will stay their ground as they take a big bite out of a beautiful tomato. Set up the bucket and less then 10 minutes went by before I had my first visitor. Thank you!

  56. I have noticed small holes in the yard the past couple years, thot made by kids wit nuthin better to do. But three weeks ago I noticed a munk scurry across my porch and down a hole! Okay, no prob! Two weeks ago I noticed the munk scurry from my garage as i pressed my garage opener. Okay, Im concerned now! Saw this for three days and said okay you gota go so I purchased USELESS sonic plug ins, didn see for three days but its reappeared. Bought USELESS repellent granules because NOW its got a family in my garage! Gona set up the CHIPPER DIPPER tomorow! Will post results in few days!

  57. just tried this yesterday..caught 1 so far..but overnight I guess a racoon got into the pail and ate ALL the peanuts!! so we ahave set it up again!! I saw 2 this am on our deck..too close to the house thank-you..but NO.

  58. I use TOMCAT brand rat traps with a single black sunflower seed in the bait cup. Use 2-4 traps along fences, foundations, or areas frequently visited by the little vermin. I have eliminated up to 6 in one day using this method.

  59. Just baited my first “dipper”. Anxious to see how this works!!!

  60. set up my chipper dipper and now I am watching and waiting, anxious to see how well this works

  61. Took a month to get the first one to take the bait. We’re hoping the rest will follow.

    These things are the culprit of major damage to our foundation, patio and walkways, and in turn thousands of dollars in repair. Whoever thinks they are poor defenseless animals, think again. They are RODENTS who are destructive and carry disease! And I’m sure if you had the same problems with chipmunks destroying your home, you would do the same.

  62. Just replaced my collapsed walkway. they lifted the bricks up and low and behold a huge intricate network of tunnels and a couple of thousand dollars later… them bitches messed with me enough…Olympic swim team tryouts begin tomorrow…

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