Differences Between Tomato Varieties

Different Tomato Varieties have different tastes, flower later or earlier, and may be more blight resistant. Choosing the correct Variety of tomato is therefore sometimes quite difficult. When choosing a tomato variety it is important to consider several factors. This article describes those factors.

When choosing a particular variety you should consider the following factors

1.    Whether the tomato is first early, second early or late

2.    Whether the tomato is blight resistant

3.    The shape of the tomato variety and

4.    The size of the plant.

There are several traditional varieties of Tomato that are considered heritage varieties available in the UK that don’t necessarily meet these normal considerations, for example there are heritage varieties with different color fruits including purple, orange and yellow tomatoes as well as the more traditional red.

But, for most Gardeners, the above factors are the ones that they are most likely to consider

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Is your tomato an early or late variety?

Very many tomato plants are late varieties in the UK, which means it will take between 60-76 days for them to fruit, and since they are tender you will only get a crop in August or early September. Late varieties of Tomato have more flavor, but are far more likely to get struck by blight. They also tend to fruit more.

Early varieties can start fruiting from 45-60 days after they are planted, although this depends largely on weather conditions. Because they are likely to flower before the blight season kicks in you are more likely to get some fruit.

Is your  tomato variety blight resistant?

Many tomato varieties are sold as blight resistant. While this is the marketing, the truth is even if resistant they can get blight. So you shouldn’t put too much store into it. On the other hand, if you choose a large variety of tomato it is more useful to get a blight resistant variety.

What shape is your tomato variety?

I prefer the cherry tomato, since they ripen faster, and taste delicious. Some people like regular tomatoes, and others huge tomatoes. The choice in different sizes is huge. Before you select your variety make sure that the tomatoes you chose is the right shape for yourself.

The size of the plant

This is a more unusual criteria, in fact I think most gardeners don’t consider it, but as a rule most tomato plants are bush tomatoes, it is possible to choose a tomato that suits the cordon, or even a tomato that is a climbing variety if you investigate heritage breeds.

Once you have selected your tomato variety you will need to know how to sow seeds indoors, and then plant them out or put them in the greenhouse. Either way, I wish you good luck.

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