Creative Planters and Yard Ornaments From Recycled Materials

Recycle your old furniture and fixtures into unique planters and yard ornaments. A few creative touches can transform these items from junk to rustic garden ornaments.

Retired fixtures and household items can be transformed into unique planters and garden ornaments with only a little time, effort, and imagination.

Lamp Plant Stands

Turn burned-out decorative torch lamps or flex-necked standing lamps into unique plant stands. Spray paint with black, copper-green, or rust-colored outdoor paint; add texture to rust using a little sand sprinkled over the wet paint. Place your trailing plant basket in the torch lamp’s glass shade — stiffen a flex-neck with caulking and hang a plant basket from the light bulb socket with a decorative hook.

Baker’s Rack Display

Turn an old baker’s rack into open shelves perfect for potted plants. Spray paint a garden-friendly color in weather-resistant paint and place wide-bottom pots on the shelves. Staggering the plants will allow them to drain onto the ground below through the racks, while creating a beautiful shelf system of garden cuttings, potted plants, seedlings, or even flower arrangements.

Head and Foot Garden Beds

Old bed frames — especially the head and foot boards — can look attractive when bordering a garden bed. Paint the color of your choice and add special textured touches like crackling or sand, then stake several inches in the ground and plant your flowers in the “bed” in between. Climbing vines can use the surface as a trellis, adding a beautiful touch to your yard.

Pedestal Sink Bird Bath

Transform an old pedestal sink into a bird bath in your yard. Plug the bottom and fill with gravel to create a shallow bed, then pour in water. Add cute extra features, like an old ironwork bird faucet or a yard metal “soap dish” filled with birdseed.

Recycling your old furniture prevents waste and creates unique garden ornaments that enhance your style and taste. Create a one-of-a-kind garden scene using the cast-offs in your basement or garage, or maybe a few yard sale finds in need of some TLC.

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