Coo Coo for Coconuts

Healthy benefits of the Coconuts and why I am coo coo for Coconuts. I just love coconuts.

Coconuts have so many health benefits to offer that many of us may not know about. I certainly did not. I knew I loved the way they taste,but they were always too expensive. Have you tried coconut shavings, coconut milk, or coconut water? Most people have not had these or stay away from them. Many of us have had coconut meat shredded up in desserts like coconut pie. Not so nutritious but delicious. I just really started drinking coconut milk this last past year. It wasn’t until I learned the nutritious benefits from various websites and videos that I understood I needed to incorporate this tasty food into my diet. It’s value to my health was far more important than the average cost of $2 at my local grocery store.


Coconuts by the Coconut Research Center are considered the” Tree of Life”. Coconut trees on many tropical islands sustain its inhabitants. So why wouldn’t it be healthy and full of good nutrients and vitamins? Why wouldn’t it be worth the $2 per coconut verse $50-100 for a trip to the doctor’s office.

If one third of the world’s population depend on “coconut to some degree for their food and their economy,” then coconuts should be given a chance to enter the American diet. Even if you don’t like shredded coconut, try it’s other forms.

The coconut has many forms that help such as its juice, meat of the coconut which is the white part, oil, and milk. Take a look at this random video I found on regarding the nutritious benefits of coconuts. Natalie has several nutrition and alternative medicine videos on youtube as well as being part of is a website that provides information about health both physical and mental as well as overall wellness. They have over 1,000 videos made and 144.4 million views. They work with experts to get the truth about health topics. So take a look and then do the research yourself. Google it. I dare you.

Benefits of Coconuts

Coconuts have antibacterial,anti-parasitic healing properties that aid in supporting a healthy immune system. 

Coconuts provide a natural energy boost. 

Coconuts are high in fiber so you feel full and don’t overeat.

Coconuts helps slow down the release of glucose, so diabetics require less insulin. 

For a good source of fiber and more great benefits of coconuts, don’t take my word. I am just the messenger. Check out these sources below:

For More health information and my Blog:

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