Climbing Vines for Trellis Landscaping

Add a touch of beauty to your yard or house with a trellis vine. Different varieties offer everything from longevity to added bonuses like fruit or shade.

Create a beautiful wall or fence cover with vine plants and trellises. Choosing the vine best for your house or yard depends not only upon the region, but also on your preferences and expectations for the plant.


For a fast-growing, sturdy climber, wisteria vines promise longevity, shade, and a pest-like persistence. Thick vines can wrap themselves around a trellis over years of expansion and survival. Glossy green leaves and pale purple flowers create a thick, beautiful cover for any trellis, lattice, or creative support system.

Virginia Creeper

Less invasive than many forms of ivy, simple Virginia creeper consists of five long, beveled-edge leaves in a mute green. The delicate vine can withstand cold, heat, drought, and damage, but is a seasonal choice whose leaves vanish during the winter.

Red Honeysuckle

For a delicate and small vine, red honeysuckle not only fills the space, but provides an additional attraction for hummingbirds and other nectar-loving wildlife. The long red flowers and curvy green leaves look beautiful along a fence or old gate.

Passion Fruit

An unusual choice, the oft-wild passion fruit reseeds itself with pale green “fruit” which contains seeds (the fruit is edible, but fairly tasteless). The hearty vines and dark green leaves host an unusual lavender blossom with delicate petals and a vibrant center.

While none of these vine choices may be right for your trellis, yard, or arbor, many other choices exist in a variety of colors, strengths, and sizes. Think outside the box when it comes to filling your trellis space and find a unique choice that suits your landscape and your plant preferences.

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