Caring for a Venus Flytrap

How to do it.

The venus fly trap can be a very interesting plant to own. The most interesting part of it is the ability it has to eat flying insects. But like all plants it requires some care to keep it alive. Here’s how you do it

1. Keep the plant constantly moist. To do this, use something like a pan or saucer and have water in there at all times. The venus fly trap likes to be wet all the time.

2. Once a year, repot the plant into a bigger pot. The pot should only be one inch bigger and wider then the other one. Repotting allows the plant to grow more healthy and prevents the roots from being crowded

3. Every 5 months give it liquid nutrients. The flies it eats are not enough and this will help with the growth

Follow these instructions and you should have a healthy and great looking venus fly trap for years

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