Calamansi: Skin Whitener and Stain Remover

Since the olden times, calamansi has been used as natural skin whitener and stain cleanser.

I was in the grade school when my grandmother always took me along with her when she was going out. Probably as an escort or security guard against dogs barking at her when she was passing by our neighbors’ houses — a typical scene in a rural barrio in the Philippines during the olden times.

There were times we went into the woods to gather fresh calamansi. My beloved grandmother used calamansi in cooking, when taking a bath, in washing dirty clothes. She knew many benefits that could be derived from calamansi. These beneficial uses of calamansi have  been popularly known a long time ago among elderly women in the province of Pampanga — which probably are still unknown today.

I share with you my grandmother’s secrets about the potential benefits of calamansi, which I hope are still secrets until today.

Calamondin or calamansi (Citrus microcarpa) is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines where it is known as kalamansi or kalamonding. Calamansi provides the following benefits:

1. As skin whitener — With one hand scrub calamansi onto underarm. Let calamansi juice stand for a minute or two. Through regular use it can serve as underarm whitener.

2. As underarm deodorizer — With its strong sour taste, calamansi cleanses the underarm to freshness by regular use, removing unwanted odors.

3.  As stain remover — In the absence of the commercially popular chlorox or zonrox bleach used to whiten dirty linens and clothes, calamansi could be a good stain remover by squeezing its juice directly onto the stain whether it be in a white shirt or stained surface. Let calamansi juice stay for a few minutes without water. It will be noticeable that the stain disappear after rinse.

4. As scalp cleaner — The calamansi juice and peel could also be scrubbed by hand onto the scalp like shampoo to remove dirt.

5. As important ingredient in cooking, in juices, among others, which are popularly known in the modern world.

6. In the absence of a soap, calamansi peels can be used to cleanse the body during a bath and in washing hands.


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