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It’s hard for anyone to imagine what is bamboo clothing, but if you ever tried bamboo clothing, you will know that bamboo fabric is probably the best one for clothing. Bamboo clothing, bamboo plants are produced, how soft and breathable (ability to absorb moisture) as a contemporary cotton clothing. In addition, they also have many global environmental benefits. Bamboo is antibacterial and free of chemicals. You will definitely know this for a long dress, if you know that its numerous advantages.

People who grow bamboo plants indoors, know that they are easy to maintain. This applies also to bamboo plants that grow in the true outdoors or in the jungle. You do not need any pesticides at all, because the natural antibacterial and antifungal substances found in the plant. These substances help to protect the bamboo plant, protect us if we wear clothes made from bamboo.

The next question in our minds is, how exactly are bamboo made clothing? There is no exact explanation for this yet. However, the main message that bamboo pulp is converted to tissue through a process called hydrolysis alkalization. This process is then passed through many other processes that take place in a confined space, making it impossible to follow the release of harmful byproducts. The chemicals are used in these processes, not harmful because the chemicals used in comparing the processing of cotton and polyester. Two major companies in the world that are making bamboo clothing and Bambrotex Tendro, based in China. Moso bamboo, a species that is used for the manufacture of bamboo fiber, grows abundantly in China. Almost 2% of the total Chinese forest area is covered by the Moso bamboo.

Bamboo clothing has numerous advantages. Some of them are:

Bamboo fiber is very soft, softer than the softest cotton. It absorbs water better than other materials, keeps the skin comfortable. It keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bamboo is a substance called “bamboo kun” that prevents bacteria, the cultivation. Apart from the fact that thermal regulation and odor-free, it has natural UV protection.

The bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on earth. It can grow up to 3 feet overnight and is ready for harvesting in about 4 years.After harvesting, bamboo does not require replanting, its huge roots sprout new shoots constantly.

Bamboo plants are environmentally friendly. In 5 times to take more greenhouse gases, and produce 35% more oxygen than any other plant or tree. They reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, making the rate of global warming.

Bamboo fabric has excellent antibacterial properties even after 50 washes.

With so many advantages, you are sure trying to be to buy bamboo clothing. You can choose from a variety of bamboo clothing. There are bamboo clothing for men, women and even children. They range from towels, robes, scarves, T-shirts, towels, bags, scarves, headbands, underwear, socks. The biggest advantage is that these clothes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo clothing has created an interest in people, especially from the eco-fashion area. Bamboo processing techniques are called, much better and cheaper bamboo materials add improved.

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