A Guide to Garden Hose Nozzles

The most common types of nozzles for garden hoses an outline of what each one is used to do.

A good set of hose nozzles is probably the most underrated tool in the gardener’s box. A variety of nozzles to perform different functions are available although most home users have one or two favorites besides a good sprinkler. The purpose of a hose nozzle is simple. It gives the user greater control over the way that water is delivered to the desired destination.

No one wants to blast young tender plants with a high powered trigger nozzle. On the other hand, if you want to spray off a large area, a watering wand or fan nozzle just will not do the job. Like many things in life, it is best to know what you plan to do with the nozzle so you can purchase the right type.

Buying a Nozzle to spray long distances or with force.

Two types of nozzles will fill this need. The old style straight nozzle is still available, but it has taken a back seat to the more versatile trigger nozzle. The straight nozzle is designed to allow you to spray water with force. The barrel of the nozzle spins to allow you to adjust the flow and size of the stream.

These nozzles are great if you plan to set the nozzle on a single setting and spray for an extended period of time. Straight nozzles make your hose like a miniature fire hose. You can hold the nozzle and spray without the hand fatigue that can happen if you use a trigger nozzle for too long.

A trigger nozzle will do about the same job as the straight nozzle, but it is much easier to start and stop. All you have to do is let go of the trigger to stop the water flow. You can also adjust the force of the spray by how far that you depress the trigger. Most trigger nozzles have a narrow barrel with a plunger that the trigger controls.

You can buy a trigger nozzle with multiple ports to be used more like a fan nozzle if you choose. Depending on which port that you have turned to let the water out, you can spray with force or with a large shower. This type of nozzle is not usually as reliable for some reason as a regular metal trigger nozzle. It probably has too many parts that can fail sooner.

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