20 Plants That Repel Pests

Help your garden grow while avoiding pests!

  1. Ants: To repel ants I find it useful to use Mint, Tansies or Pennyroyals.
  2. Aphids: To repel aphids use Mint, Garlic, Chive, Coriander or Anise.
  3. Bean Leaf Beetle: To repel bean leaf beetles use Potatoes, Onions or Turnips.
  4. Codling Moth: To repel codling moths use Common Oleander.
  5. Colorado Potato Beetle: To repel Colorado potato beetles use Green Beans, Coriander or Nasturtium.
  6. Cowpea Curculio: To repel Cowpea Curlios use Garlic, Cloves or Radish.
  7. Cucumber Beetle: To repel cucumber beetles use Radish or Tansies.
  8. Flea Beetle: To repel flea beetles use Garlic, Onions or Mint.
  9. Harlequin Bug: To repel harlequin bugs use Radish, Turnips or Onions.
  10. Imported Cabbage Worm: To repel imported cabbage worms use Mint, Sage, Rosemary or Hyssop.
  11. Japanese Beetle: To repel Japanese beetles use Garlic, Larkspur, Tansy, Rue or Geranium.
  12. Leaf Hopper: To repel leaf hoppers use Geranium or Petunia.
  13. Mexican Bean Beetle: To repel Mexican bean beetles use Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Radish, Petunia or Marigold.
  14. Mice: To repel mice use Onions.
  15. Root Knot Nematodes: To repel root knot nematodes use French Marigold, Slugs, Prostrate Rosemary or Wormwood.
  16. Spider Mites: To repel spider mites use Onions, Garlic, Cloves or Chives.
  17. Squash Bug: To repel squash bugs use Radish, Marigold, Tansies or Nasturtium.
  18. Squash Vine Borer: To repel squash vine borers use Cloves, Onions or Garlic.
  19. Stink Bug: To repel stink bugs use Radish.
  20. Tomato Heartworm: To repel tomato heartworms use Marigold, Sage or Borage.
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  1. Good Gardening!

  2. Now My Garden Will Be Near Perfect!

  3. In my garden Harlequin bugs eat turnips. They are not repelled by turnips.

  4. Hey I know why it might have been effetced by the other plants

  5. Tomato worm:To repel Tomato worms I have observe that Basil (which is a companion plant of tomato plants),works better to repel tomato worms then the marigold. Case in point: this summer I had two tomato plants twenty feet between both. One with a marigold planted beside it, the other with two basil plants. The plant with the marigold has been attacked twice by worms, while the tomato plant with basil planted around it, has yet to to be attacked with any.

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