10 Wild Plant That Can Eaten by Human

I want to share you 10 wild plant that human can eat them. If you’re hungry, you could eat them, don’t afraid about disease, but these plants are safe.

1. Thistles

This flowering plant grows in the wild in the open field across Europe. Distinguished by a pointed leaf, thistle can serve as a potherb delicious. Only a sharp cutting edge leaves, peel and use the root bark of boiling salted water for cooking plants

2. Mushrooms

Before you begin to gather wild mushrooms, identification of poisonous species that grow in your area. Although most edible, it’s better to play safe. Also, do not ever eat them raw and stay away from mushrooms that have been damaged by insects

3. Water Lettuce

Potherb perennial usually growing near water bodies, so make sure sources of clean water before consumption. Since the water lettuce can be eaten raw, you have to do is cut the stems and rinse with cold water.

4.Common Chickweed

This annual plant produces a different flower, star-shaped. Leaves and stems are edible and can be eaten raw. Usually regarded as an annoying weed, Common chickweed is a rich source of potassium and calcium

5. Wild Rice

Tall grass grows in large colonies on the banks of the river and can be easily plucked and transported with the help of a canoe or small boat. Similar to a reed on ordinary rice, rice is a source of protein, and stems, roots and shoots of all the grains can be eaten

6. Clover

This cosmopolitan genus is easy to find in the desert. Edible seeds, and dried flower heads can be used for brewing tea. You can eat the leaves raw, just immerse them in the first salt water to help digestion.

7. Burdock

This biennial briers thrives in open meadows and gardens, but they are not a useless weed. You can peel and eat raw leaves, stems, and roots are edible as well. Be careful to not one of these plants with belladonna, a poisonous

8. Dandelions

This flowering weeds run rampant throughout the country, and seeds, crowns, roots, leaves and flower petals can all be eaten

9. Milkweed

Can be eaten milkweed but Could potentially contain cardiac glucose, Which is toxic. So, it is Important That you prepare for These wild plants carefully before consumption. Soak the whole plant in water and rub with a cloth Young Shoots. Can you then boil Them. Seed pods Can be eaten as well

10. Cattails

This plant growing in or near bodies of water. Peel the outer layer to reveal the white core shoot, use clean water to rinse them and eat the tender shoots raw or cooked. High starch content, they also eat roots

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