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Should the diaper position be used when spanking a child?

Should a parent use the diapering position when spanking a child?  I was at my cousin’s house today and saw something that appalled me.  I have heard of the diapering position being used in spanking, but have never actually seen it used and actually thought it was only used in fiction.  The diaper position is basically where you put the child’s legs in the air while they are lying on their back and you spank them with your free hand.  My cousin has a five year old boy and apparently she sees nothing wrong with this position for spanking.  After I saw this, I did some research to find out other opinions.  These are the reasons I found why it is considered acceptable on one side and why it isn’t considered acceptable on the other.

The main time this position is used is when the child is already lying in bed on their back.  For this reason it is also called the alarm clock position, as it is often used for spanking a child who won’t get out of bed.  This also creates a reason why the position shouldn’t be used.  The spanking is completely unstructured and there is usually little time between deciding to spank and spanking, meaning little time for the parent to calm their nerves so that the spanking isn’t given out of anger.  This often times leads to wild swinging, which is what I saw with my cousin.  Her child wouldn’t get out of bed and she had to get him to school.  So she lifted his legs in the air with his pajamas still on and began swatting wherever she could wildly.  I guarantee that she hit his legs more than she hit his behind because she wasn’t aiming.  Sure, the spanking worked, as it got him out of the bed, but emotionally he was a wreck for the rest of the morning there and even still when he got home.

Another reason the position is thought to be wrong to use is the fact that when a boy’s legs are up their genitals become open to accidental spanks.  The only reason I can say my cousin definitely didn’t land an accidental spank there was because his legs were kept together.  But this is often not the case and sometimes the position is used on the child’s bare bottom.  With no clothing there to hold the genitals in place, the chance of them being accidentally swatted increases. 

Some parents view this position to be acceptable as long as the clothing is left up, or at least only pulled down in the back and as long as the spanking is structured.  For this reason, the position has taken a liking to bedtime.  When a bedtime spanking is given it is always done right before bedtime.  This means the spanking will be given as routine, not out of anger.  Due to this the spanking is more controlled and there are no wild swats. 

So, obviously there are way more cons than pros to using this position, but the opinion I am looking for is yours.  If you want to be heard, feel free to leave a comment, whether for or against.  I do not agree with this position.  I am actually against the use of physical punishment, but if I had to choose a position to use I have a feeling this one would be last on my list.

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  1. I think it’s wrong, but then so is any spanking, and in any case I’ve heard of people DELIBERATELY spanking their childrens’ genitals. But surely that’s abuse?

  2. yes, Seekwet, that would definitely be abuse

  3. Flog the nude child on the genitals with a ruler. A good willy
    Ruler the little girl can scream her head off and the boy will roar in pain. Who cares about spanking genitals when I have kids that’s the best way to potty train them when they wet and if they poo then spank their little asshole. As well as a sound bare bottom and thighs spanking leave them red front and back from the waist to their knees.

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