Your Breast Milk Will Have Antibodies in It

Your breast milk will have antibodies in it.

Always talk to your doctor before taking any medicine. Most drugs pass into milk in small quantities. If you are taking medications for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma, medications you may already have been studied in nursing women, so you should be able to find information to help you make decisions with the help of your doctor. New drugs and medicines for rare disorders may have little information is available.

Your lifestyle can have an affect on your breast milk, and therefore your baby. It’s important to take care of yourself so you can provide the best care for your baby. This includes getting enough rest and proper nutrition so that you have enough energy to care for your baby and avoid illness. Some women think that when they are sick, they should not breastfeed. But the most common diseases, such as colds, flu, or diarrhea, can not pass through breast milk. In fact, if you are sick, your breast milk will have antibodies in it. The antibodies will help protect your baby from getting the same disease. Here are some other lifestyle issues that affect breastfeeding

Some drugs can be taken by nursing mothers if she stops breastfeeding for a few days or weeks. He can pump milk and throw all this to keep her supply. Today, the baby can drink milk or formula previously frozen. These drugs include radioactive drugs used for some diagnostic tests such as gallium-67, copper-64, indium 111, iodine 123, Iodine125, Sodium Iodine-131, radioactive, or technetium-99 m, antimetabolites, and some cancer chemotherapy agents.

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