Why Where The Newborns Stolen?

Canadian Mother’s Were Pressured To Give Up Their Babies.

Forced adoptions were common in the post WW2 era.

Unmarried young women had their babies stolen at birth.

Some were told their babies were still born and asked to sign what they thought were baptism forms.

These were actually adoption forms.

 Others were coerced and told it was their duty or punishment, for having a child out of wedlock.

This would give the child a better life and redeem the unwed mother somehow.

In those days women were considered fallen or lacking in morals.

Some even thought they were neurotic for having a baby without being married.

Surrendering their baby for adoption was considered part of their rehabilitation.

infant (Photo credit: soupboy)


The fathers of the child were not really considered to be involved.

Most of these babies went to married couple that were infertile.

And money may have changed hands in some instances.

Sometimes nurses and other hospital staff were involved in this kidnapping.

And babies were stolen right from the delivery room.

Between 1940 and 1980, 400,000 pregnant unmarried women were pressured,

By social workers, religious organizations and their families to give their newborns,

Away or had them stolen. There were 70 maternity homes in Canada and anywhere

Between 20 and 200, unmarried women residing there until their babies were born.

These women were targeted for their newborns and more treated as breeders.

Premarital pregnancy was  common in this pre-birth control birth era.

Family planning and birth control were not readily available

With the women’s liberation movement the numbers of never married women

Surrendering their newborns decreased dramatically.

Most single women will choose to keep their baby today and between 1989-present,

Only one percent of never married women will give up their newborn infants.

Today many of these children have found their birth mothers because of adoption records

Being more available and DNA has even reunited mothers with children they thought dead.

I hope we as people have more compassion these and all mothers and babies.

As a mother I can only imagine the poor young women’s anguish at this loss.

Their arms must have felt so empty!

He who is without sin let them cast the first stone!

Read Psalm 27-10 God will never forsake us.;




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  1. CPS and its past forms have always had a shady history, of kidnapping, forced adoption, and child slavery.

  2. I agree with you

  3. Very well written and informative. I had no idea the number of women forced to give up their babies was so high back then. Thank Goodness times have changed.

  4. Yeah u r right

  5. Glad that those times have passed. I can imagine the pain of losing your baby this way.

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