Why Parents Choose Home-Based vs. Center-Based Child Care

Most parents find themselves in a position of having to find childcare for their little ones today. Many of those parents are choosing to place their children in home based daycare versus center based care.

While many parents would prefer to stay home with their children, especially while they are small, the economy often requires both parents to work in order to make ends meet. As a result of having to work, many parents find themselves faced with the difficult decision of where to place their child for care during work hours. More and more parents are choosing home-based child care as an alternative to placing their children in a child care center.

One of the biggest advantages of home-based care is the ability of the provider to provide more one-on-one care for the children in his or her care. Lower provider to child ratios, normally no more than six children to one provider depending on the age of children enrolled, allows more interaction. Compared to center-based care ratios of up to 15 children to a single teacher, the smaller groups found in home-based care provides for more individual care for each child.

Another advantage of home-based care over center-based care is the lower cost. Since the provider is working out of his or her own home, the cost for upkeep as well as materials tends to be less. Home care is available to families of all incomes since providers have the option of enrolling in their county government’s subsidy programs, programs which assist in paying child care.

Another advantage to home-based child care is that it not only provides the same hours as centers, but sometimes longer hours at similar rates. Home-based child care is open every working day of the year. In addition to the standard working days, many providers are open 24 hours a day seven days a week, while centers have set hours of care that most often end no later than 5:30 p.m.

Looking at the advantages of home-based care compared to center-based care, it is not hard to understand why it is that many parents choose to place their child in a family child care home. The smaller groups, flexibility, and rates are very tempting.  Knowing their child will receive the best, most loving care available puts a parent’s mind at ease when they must be away from their little one. Home-based care can be every bit as rewarding for a child as going to a center is.

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