Who’s The Boss: My Child or Me?

Great tips on parenting and effective discipline strategies.

Do you feel like your little one is the boss?  Do you feel out-of-control as a parent? Well, fear not, there are a few simple steps that can get you back in the driver’s seat.  First thing First, parents must give clear expectations to their children.  You must be consistent.  You can’t say one thing today, and another tomorrow.  If you tell your child, no dessert until after dinner.  Your word has to be bond or your child will continue to test you and to push beyond the boundaries that you have set in place.  Don’t set your child up for failure by being inconsistent.  Say what you mean and stick to the rules that you have in place.  Once a child knows that his or her parent means what he or she says, they will be less likely to test your words, instead they will believe your words.

Secondly, set positive and reductive consequences in place. Positive consequences encourage the behavior that you want and reductive consequences discourage negative behaviors.  The most effective consequences are the ones that appeals to your child’s interest.  A positive consequence allows the child to have more free time in his or her interest or to go to his or her favorite place.  On the other hand, negative behavior is followed by a consequence that limits the child’s free time or prohibits a trip to the child’s favorite place.  Children are very smart and intuitive.  Once a child realizes that the Parent is not playing, and will be consistent about enforcing the consequences, the child will show great improvement in his or her behavior.  Keep in mind that depending on how great a “mini-monster” you’ve created will impact the time and energy it takes to see the rewards of being a more consistent disciplinarian.  Parents will see the fruits of their hard work if they don’t give up. 

Thirdly, take time out to play and interact with your children.  They are only a child once.  You can never relive the first walk, the first word, and the first crush.  Recognize that your child is a blessing from God.  Take the time to do something fun with your child every day.  It only takes about 10 minutes per day to do something special with your child:  coloring, singing, dancing, basketball, and reading.  Just to name a few.  Spending quality time with your child meets an insatiable need that only true love can fill up.  Let you be the source of that special love in your child’s heart.

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